Events and Shows 2015

Some shows and events you might like to attend,
 some have coach trips arranged by Mike the Social Rep, 
Contact Mike for bookings via Club directory, He will be giving out details for booking nearer the time.
Some of these Events and Shows will not all be on your club events calendar !
Keep checking as I will add to list as I get information.

Dates to be confirmed

Please take a minute to read this if you intend to exhibit a model

·         Most exhibitions use tables that are 2ft wide (often doubled up) so where possible models around 4ft long, or less, are best.

·         Please only bring models that are worth putting on show, probably two maximum (bring as many as you want to actually sail) and not ‘stand-off’ models! They may look fine on our lake but people are seeing them close up and your detailed workmanship (or lack of it) reflects on our Club!

·         Take time to clean it and check it over beforehand, nothing looks worse than a boat out of the attic covered in dust and fingerprints, or with bits missing, or hanging loose.

·         If you have clothing with the club logo please wear it, also your membership badge must be worn.

·         Try to engage the public as they walk past and look at the models. The best way is to ask them a short question – it’s very difficult for them to ignore you that way. For example - Have you ever built anything like this? You look puzzled, can I help? Can you see the detail here? Are you local? Etc. etc.

·         Attending a display stand and maybe having to stand around all day can be both boring and very tiring. Try not to look uninterested – with arms folded leaning against a wall,  or clustered together in a group chatting and ignoring the public – They have paid to be there!

·         Ensure at all times that at least one member is on the stand, especially when there are young children about, to them our boats are toys – and even some adults can’t understand the words ‘please do not touch’!

·         We all need to have a break and a coffee/lunch, but try to keep it as unobtrusive as possible and don’t leave cups, lunch boxes, etc.  lying around amongst the display.
Lastly enjoy the day, arrange between yourselves times to go off and see the rest of the exhibition, or time to have a sail.

Gordon Longworth – Exhibition Secretary.

Dates for your diary for 2015

Here is the current list of exhibitions up to now for next year that we will be attending and showing off what Etherow Model Boat Club can do.
Saturday 7th March and Sunday 8th March 2015
Ellesmere Port Model Boat Show

Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April (Easter weekend) 2015
Bugsworth Basin, Buxworth, Derbyshire. The Basin lies just off the A6 between Furness Vale and Whaley Bridge, on the B6062, Grid Ref. SK0021.8202, it is also signposted.
This is a new site for us and as a thank you from the Heritage Trust who look after it, for supporting their show next Easter they has said we can sail there anytime we wish. Just make sure you take your badge and say you are with EMBC if anyone asks and that it has been agreed with their Chairman Ian Edgar and yours truly.

Sunday 5th July 2015
Marple Locks Festival.

12th July – Kirklees MBC main open day of the year
Wilton Park, Batley, WF17 8JH. 

Sunday 19th July 2015
Colwyn Bay Model Boat Show

12th July – Kirklees MBC main open day of the year

2nd Aug – Kirklees MBC Open day with the theme of Mountfleet models.

Saturday 29th August and Sunday 30th August 2015
 Haydock Park Model Boat Show

13th Sept –  Kirklees MBC Open day with the theme of Warships.

Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th October 2015
Tentative date to be confirmed for another event at the Bugsworth Basin.


Information received from Dave Jones:
The 2015 Blackpool Model Boat Show will take place at the new venue of Blackpool Sports Centre, Stanley Park on October 17/18.
Address is Blackpool Sports Centre
West Park Drive

Saturday 12th December and Sunday 13th December 2015
Poynton Model Show.

If you need any more information on any of these shows, please either mention it at the Club or give me a call.

Gordon Longworth – Exhibition Sec.

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