Monday, 8 August 2022

Forthcoming Club Nights

 Forthcoming Club Night Events

     Wednesday 10 August

Talk on Batteries by Geoff Garside.

     Wednesday 24 August

Commodore's Challenge Judging. On the landing stage at 7.30 p.m., followed by hot dogs in the Club House, courtesy of Mike H.

     Wednesday 14 September

Talk on Scandinavian Coastal Shipping and Hurtigruten, by Chris Platford.

Friday, 6 May 2022

For Your Safety

For Your Safety  -  Please Take Note

Earlier this week, there was a medical incident on the landing stage. A club member suddenly passed out and collapsed without warning. Luckily, there were several other members present who were able to assist and call an ambulance, which arrived promptly. After assessment by the ambulance crew, he was taken to hospital.

This incident has, however, prompted some concerns, should a similar event happen in the future, especially when no other members are present on the landing stage. The member involved, although well known to those present, was not carrying a mobile phone or any means of identification, apart from his membership card with his name. He was also initially unconscious and unable to give any emergency contact details.

The Committee wish to urge all members to ensure that, when sailing, they carry details of an emergency contact number of a family member and any essential information on known medical conditions or medication which may be of assistance to the emergency services.

This information could most usefully be placed on a sticky label on the back of your membership card, which you should be wearing at all times on the landing stage.

In this instance, we believe that the member involved is recovering well.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Alan Breese Boat Sale

 Alan Breese Boats for Sale

Continuing on from the previous post, in addition to wanting to dispose of the contents of Alan's workshop, Jenny Breese also wishes to sell thirteen of Alan's completed models, which have been in store since his death.

These models are:

      Canadian Corvette  -  K129  - Now Sold

      Sir Lancelot  - T228  - Now Sold

      Minesweeper  -  M1166  -  Now Sold

      Harbour Tug  -  Mustang  - Now Sold

      MTB 794

      Battleship  -  HMS Ramilles

      Aircraft Carrier - HMS Invincible

      Ocean Going Tug  -  Cruiser  - Now Sold

      Unpowered Towed Barge  - Now Sold

      Submarine U564

      Harbour Tug  -  Smit Polen  - Now Sold

      Ocean Going Tug  -  Yorkshireman  - Now Sold

      Dutch River Barge  - Now Sold

An illustrated catalogue of all boats offered can be downloaded, in .PDF format, by clicking HERE.

Any member interested in purchasing any of these boats is invited to contact either George Barrett or Geoff Garside, initially. The price of each boat is subject to negotiation.

Updated:  12 May 2021

               29 May 2022

Alan Breese

Alan Breese Workshop Sale

Many of you will know that when Alan Breese, our late Commodore, died suddenly a few years ago, he left behind an extremely well equipped workshop, as well as a large collection of high quality boats.

His wife, Jenny, asked the club about two years ago for help in disposing of the contents of the workshop and some of the boats. This was held up, as most things were, by the onset of Covid and subsequent lock downs. At long last, however, we have been able to start on what is likely to be a fairly major and lengthy exercise.

The first two car loads have now been extracted from Alan's workshop, and will be displayed and offered for sale at the next club night, on Wednesday 13 April.

This first tranche comprises mainly hand tools, some power tools and modelling materials. All proceeds from the sale will go to Jenny Breese.

Do not miss this sale ! - When we first saw the workshop two years ago, we were amazed that one person could have amassed such a phenomenal collection of tools and bits and pieces in one lifetime.

Further sales will be held over the coming months as we work our way further into the depths of the workshop. We have no idea what we will find then, but it will certainly be worth the effort.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

DF 65 Sailing

 DF65 Sailing - March 27

John Berry has sent a report|:

Sunday 27th March 2022 saw the first ever DF65 series race at Etherow Park.

12 boats took part in the racing all DF65s mainly with A+ rigs.

We were greeted by excellent weather for March with sunshine all day and temperatures in the mid teens.

Practice sailing before the racing commenced looked tricky with very light winds from the East however we were lucky that the wind picked up a bit for racing.

The racing was close with 5 different winners over the 11 races sailed. The overall winner on the day was Alan Bennett.

Sunday, 27 March 2022

Club Night Talks

 Club Night Talks

Now that life is slowly getting back to some semblance of normality, we have started to organise the Club Night talks programme again. The talks scheduled for the next few months are:

Wednesday 13 April

      3D Printing by Mick Street

Wednesday 11 May

      Boat Building with Depron Foam by Geoff Garside

        This talk was first given a few years ago, but there have been requests

        for a repeat performance.

Wednesday 08 June

      Boiler Testing by John Senior

        John is is the Club's official boiler tester.

Yacht Racing Report

 Yacht Racing Report

John Berry has sent a report of Yacht Racing for March 2022. He says:


 Sunday 20 March saw the first Fiesta Series racing of the season.

We were welcomed to the pond with clear blue skies and an 8mph wind from the East.

This year we have invited the DF65 fleet to sail with the Fiestas.

5 Fiestas and 8 DF65s took part in the 9 race day with the first race at 10am and the last race finishing before 12noon.

After 2 discards Alan Bennet won the day with his DF65 an A+ rig and a slightly cut down long keel.

Alan was closely followed by John Berry and Terry Miles sailing Fiestas and Stephen Toulson sailing another DF65 with an A+ rig.

Thanks to George Bennet and Neil Barton for doing most of the scoring

Lets hope for a similar turnout on the 27th March when it will be DF65 racing with Fiestas invited

J Class

The first of the J Class series racing was held on Sunday 13th March First race 10 am and the last race to be finished by 12 noon.

We we greeted by winds up to 15mph from the SW and all sailors opted for B rigs.

Trevor Redford won the day however John and Dave did make him work for his victory.

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