Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Memories of the Past

Does Anybody Remember This ?

Ian Buckley, who was a member of the Club, with his father, in the 1970s has sent a photo of an old Club membership badge, which he has recently

Does anybody remember this badge ?    I don't, it well predates me.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Finished Ferret

                        Now Finished

Harry Twist has sent a pic of his finished entry for the Commodore's Challenge. It looks like the Commodore is going to have his work cut out choosing the winner !!

Harry says:

Here's a shot of my finished Ferret. Colour is polar grey overall, Matt black up to the lower chine and a couple of coats of water based varnish over the lower hull. All the electronics are fitted and she floats well in my bath! I'm pretty much calling her finished, but wouldn't mind adding a couple of 1/48th scale crew if I could find some!

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Turbinia on a Shoe-string


John Murphy has sent a photo of his latest creation - still in build.

He says:

In true Murphy 'shoe-string' style the hull is made from venetian blind slats - the keel being  a venetian blind laminate! Plating is lithoplate. The forward cabin is the same.
The conning tower is a yoghurt pot with lithoplate jacket. The funnel is a plastic bird-feeder with lithoplate covering. 
The rear cabin again, Venetian blind, lithoplate and just for a change, window frames made from coffee stirrers!
The portholes are eyelets, with 'google eyes' glazing. Cabins and funnel have been painted with undercoat.
The deck, incidentally, is a piece of birch ply from Canada, date stamped 1941, which was intended to make Mosquitos.
The hull below the waterline will be green, the funnel yellow (!) and cabins white.

It should be a striking looking vessel when completed - Wonder if it will have a steam turbine ?

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Ferret Number 5

Yet Another Ferret

Harry Twist has sent a photo of his entry for the Commodore's Challenge. Still in primer, but already looking good.

Harry says ..

The torpedo tubes and depth charges are from cheap old felt pens with the centres removed. The rear turret is a piece of plastic conduit pipe. Rear floor pips are cupboard screw covers. Various scrap box balsa bits make up the guns etc. All good fun.

It's amazing what a bit of lateral thinking can come up with !

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Today on the Lake

A Pleasant Sunday Morning Sail

Nice to see boats returning to the lake !!

Photo by Neil Barton

Ferret Number 4

Chris Galloway's Ferret

Chris has sent an 'in progress' photograph of his Commodore's Challenge Entry.

He says:

 I am somewhat behind but I shall hopefully get there....... my only need is time cos I have all the bits that I need . It is amazing that the rubber plunger in my diabetes injection syringe  is just about right to represent a depth charge - how's that for recycling ? 

Chris has to take a lot of the blame for the Ferret project. He first suggested it to the Commodore as a possible Commodore's Challenge subject, and John Berry agreed !!


New Gallery Section

A new Gallery section has now been added to the website, intended to be a showcase of members' models, which will remain after normal posts have scrolled down into the archives.

If you have any interesting photographs of your prized models which you would like to share with other members, send them to the webmaster - see the Contact us page.

Ideally, include some details of the vessel, or information on its construction.

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