Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Covid Update

 Changes to Landing Stage Rules

Following government changes to Covid-19 restrictions from today, up to six members are now permitted to sail from the landing stage at one time, subject to observance of all other published restrictions.

Please note that the 20 minute session restriction still applies, if more than six members wish to sail at once.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Sad News

 Lawrence Kerney

We have just heard that Lawrence Kerney, who most of us will know as a very long standing member of the Club, and our Commodore a few years ago, died earlier this week, in Stepping Hill hospital. As yet, we have no further details.

We are sure everybody will join us in sending our condolences to his family.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Second Covid Lockdown

                          Second Covid Lockdown

Following the recent Government announcement of a second Covid-19 lockdown, the Committee have decided, after much discussion over that last few days, that sailing can continue at Etherow for the present, subject to some additional restrictions, and still keep within published guidelines regarding exercise and the use of public open spaces.

From midnight tonight, 4 November, the following rules will apply, until further notice:

Individual members may still sail from the landing stage, subject to a maximum of two members on the landing stage at any time, and the observance of social distancing and hygiene rules.

Do not occupy the landing stage unless you are sailing.

Members are reminded that current Government advice is "Stay at Home" and not travel significant distances by car or public transport for exercise and recreation.

In the event of more than two members wishing to sail at the same time, there is a session limit of twenty minutes, after which the member must vacate the landing stage.

Organised sailing events are not permitted.

All members are urged not to abuse these rules, as any such actions may result in all access to the lake being banned.

Members are also reminded that sailing is permitted only from the landing stage, and not from the public walkways surrounding the lake.

The Committee will be monitoring Government rules and advice closely over the next few weeks, and further changes to lake access may be needed if such advice changes.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Yet More Boats !

Static Ship Models

We have been sent details of a collection of static boat models by Bob Smith, who is disposing of them on behalf of a late neighbour's family. Proceeds are to go to Charity.

Mr. Smith says:

"I have been offered a collection of model boats by the family of my neighbour who has passed away.

I do not have the space too keep them all, They are going to throw them out so I have asked if I can find them good homes.

This they have agreed to asking for a fair donation to be split between Cancer reacher and Deme.

I am hoping some of your members may like to have some of the models please note they are static models.

I am willing to deliver within 20 miles of Marple or bring them down to the Lake to view etc 
My Telephone number is 07429 645335. "

If anybody is interested, please ring Mr. Smith.

Updated: 03 November - Two boats deleted - Found new homes.

Updated: 16 November - Two more boats deleted - Found new homes.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Free Hull

 Free to Good Home

We have been contacted by a lady in Bramhall who has a wooden boat hull she wishes to give away to a good home. It has been in store in a dry garage for the last thirty years, but is still in good condition. The length is just over six feet [ It's a big one !!].

She wants to dispose of it as soon as possible, and whoever wants it will have to collect it from Bramhall.

This hull has now been taken by an EMBC member - 21 October

Thursday, 8 October 2020

New Club Facebook Group

                 Etherow Model Boat Group

Neil Barton has started a new Facebook Group, Etherow Model Boat Group, to provide a platform for members to chat and discuss Club boating matters. It is a private group, so you will have to apply to join, but all Club members will be welcome.

If you are interested, give it a try !

Thursday, 1 October 2020

 Model Yacht Racing

Report by John Berry

EMBC is still racing model yachts on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays starting around 9 am to avoid the rush at the park. We also have some members sailing later in the afternoon on the same days.

The most popular classes are International One Metres (IOM), Canterbury J Class and Fiestas.

We also have a few DF65s which are similar to the Fiestas and probably easier to get hold of.

A few of us have travelled to Birkenhead Radio Sailing & Power Club to take part in their series racing and to get some tips from their list of national and world champion sailors.

Last weekend I lent one of my boats to Martin Roberts (Housemartin Sails) asking him to tweak it for me, I think he just put the sails on and won 8 out of ten races sailed. 

I cannot blame the boat anymore. 

I did manage to win one of the races with my other boat but generally I was at the back of the fleet.

Martin borrowed a Lintel MMX and I sailed a Viper both made by Dave Creed and rigged by myself with Housemartin sails.

Over last winter I completed 5 of the 6 races in the Northern District IOM winter series finishing 9th out of 43 entries, the high position was mainly down to a lot of competitors not entering enough of the race days. The racing was good and as a newcomer to the sport I felt very welcome. My highlight was winning one race when the wind blew up a bit and I changed to a smaller sail when other boats were struggling to round the marks with bigger rigs. In the next few races the wind dropped and I did not have time to change up and subsequently lost out big time.

The clubs I travelled to were Birkenhead, Fleetwood, Ripon, Rotherham and Askern. I did not go to Scarborough and Keighley was cancelled because of the weather.

The Fiesta racing series is still on going on the third Sunday of each month the placings at the moment are as follows:-

Trevor Redford 8 points  3 wins

John Berry 8 points  2 wins

Dave Lee 16 points

Ken Jones 19 points

Dave Percy 24 points

Andy Spencer 25 points

Terry 31 points

Phil Davies 31 points

Steve Toulson 38 points

Arthur 43 points

Phil Davies sailed a DF65 with a A rig at the last race and finished mid fleet.

We are still sailing with a maximum of 6 sailors on the landing stage with rotation as required on the day. We will not turn anybody away, however they may have to wait for a short time for a slot to become available

John Berry

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