Hi all
Just received the following information from Wayne the Warden at Etherow Lake.   Peter had already given us advanced notice of this, which I have passed on, but this is the info in more detail.
"Just to let you know on week commencing 5th November 2012 weather permitting, contractors will be laying a new concrete skin on the spillway, which is upstream of the model boat area on the canal in Etherow. We aim to block the canal off at the narrow bridge, which is also upstream, so we can isolate and lower the water level by approximately a foot in the basin area (canal entrance from the river). By blocking off the canal at the bridge it should isolate the canal and help maintain water levels downstream at the Model Boat Club area, whilst the contractors carry out the work. If the work does go ahead as planned, we won’t need to drop the basin level until the latter end of the week and should only be for a couple of days maximum, possibly only 24 hours whilst the concrete goes off. The project shouldn’t effect model boating if all goes to plan, which I am confident it will. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 07800 617 638 or by email."

We were able to sail on the lake today without any problems, even although the level was down quite a bit.   I don't think think this should cause any problems for our members.

Andy Glen