Saturday, 21 December 2013

Out and about 2013

Over the past week we (Marjorie and I) have not been out much as we have both been a bit off colour with coughs and colds, so I decided to take Pepe to Lyme Park in High Lane, Stockport.
One of our members a few weeks ago had been talking to the chap who was the events organiser there and had explained that we used to have a show there twice a year with our club, the chap was very interested and said the person who had been in charge who had stopped us going had now left and indicated he would like us to come back!, the member hadn't got the name or phone number of this chap!.
This was music to my ears as it was a beautiful venue and had a large audience to show off our models. 
So our new membership card for the National Trust clutched in my frozen little hand it was off to find this chap.
After asking around I finally ended up in the Estates Office in the big house and found out that the chap I wanted was in a meeting and there was no idea when it would end, I left my Club and Personal business cards and was told he would contact me, still as its very close to Christmas I suppose there is plenty for him to do on the estate at the moment, hopefully this will be the start of our club and the park getting together again as it's a beautiful venue and everyone loved it, us and public alike.
I got a contact Name and Telephone number so was quite happy about that.
Pepe looked quite at home sat on the big chair in the office there, looked like he owned the place!.
On the way out I took a few pictures, didn't think it would be all text did you!.
For the newer members this is the venue in the park, with the toilets and cafe showing there

The shop in the courtyard

The Cafe, as you can see it was quite cold and everyone wrapped up well.

The courtyard showing the barn where the ramblers shelter to have their butties out of the wind and rain.

The entrance to the big house 

No plastic gutter boxes in this big house

The tower on the hill.
A bit closer.
So there you have it guys and girls, we might be back in this beautiful venue in the coming year, watch this space!.

Friday,   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.

A Merry Christmas to all our members and readers.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Year end report from the Yacht Rep 2013

 THE FINAL "FIESTA" and "Jay" type

Hi to all Fiesta and Jay type sailors, a good years sailing was had by all, weather was good for a change and we even had wind most of the time.
We have had up to eight Fiesta’s sailing but, more are welcome to sail with us, we also have seven Jay type yachts in the club, of which we race on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday if weather OK.




David Swain Trevor Redford 1st.

Jay type

Trevor Redford  1st, David Lee 2nd, Bob Dunkerley 3rd.

Thanks for the report Dave, you are always on the ball with your reports, I'm sure everyone is glad to hear from you!.
Check out the Wanted section, Member looking to join in the fun!
Notice the festive header, thanks to other moderator John!.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

AGM and Awards night 2013

The AGM was another memorable night for 2013 with Mike doing his usual good job of having had the trophies done and organising the raffle prizes.
Thanks again Mike for your good work.

The trophies

The raffle prizes and that's another turkey!

The Committee for the coming year, stays pretty much the same, with the exception of the new Commodore Alan Breese, he's still looking for a vice commodore?. The only other change is a new Exhibition Sec in Gordon Longworth,

The trophies were as follows.

Peter Teal (Me) Beaumont trophy, Services to club for non Committee member.

Steering competition 
The 1st was Geoff Fitzsimons, not there!.

Terry Miles 2nd, with the new Commodore doing the honours

Trevor Redford 3rd

Fiesta Racing 
Trevor Redford 1st

Terry Miles 2nd

Dave Lee 3rd

Club 500 racing
Howard Meadowcroft 1st

John Senior 2nd

Michael Street 3rd

Cyril Driver trophy 
Geoff Fitzsimons

Derick Bingham trophy
Most improved yachtsman
Colin Harrison

David Swain trophy 
Trevor Redford

Best Scratch build

 D Arden 1st
And 2nd!

Philip Laxton 3rd

Best Kit build
Geoff Garside and Peter Teal,  Joint 1st

Alan Breese 3rd

Commodores challenge Trophy
Terry Miles

Graham Harling trophy 
"J" Class yachting
Trevor Redford 1st

Dave Lee 2nd

Andy Glenn 3rd

Velda Teal Trophy
Best static, diorama 
Gordon Longworth

That ended the awards and then it was on to the raffle.
Colin sat next to me, won the turkey and I thought he was going to put his back out again which he had done at the Christmas dinner, I told him it was always better to get a live one as it saves carrying it home!.
So another good club night enjoyed by all and only the frostbite sail to go now, which is always a good Do as you can visit the lake or spend time in the clubhouse chatting to people you haven't seen though the year.

Awards 2013 in top tab until the next time, as this post gets pushed down every time a new one is published.

So that's about it for this year 
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.
Last event make it another good one!
Thursday   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Poynton TMS show 7th/8th December.2013

The club was out in force again on the weekend of 7th & 8th of December 2013, I wasn't able to attend but got these nice pictures for you from Chris the Commodore. The club was certainly showing their expertise and modelling skills and with the club banners on show there was no doubt where we are from.

I attach 5 photos for the club website showing our two stands at the Poynton TMS show 7th/8th December.
Kind regards
Chris, Commodore.
Club well advertised, Roy and Andy.

 Plenty of boats on show.

The warship guys great models making a nice show.

And the Lifeboats too

Andy and George relaxing before the rush!.

Nice showing for the club and Andy tells me there was even a signing up over the weekend so welcome to you Paul Blyth and may you have many happy hours sailing on our beautiful waters.
Well done the guys who attended and made such a good showing for the club again!.

Thats all folks.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Members visiting Buxton, 2013

I got this email from Bob Abell our roving reporter the other day. 

Bob Abell.

I was idly browsing through the model boat pages on YouTube, yesterday, when I came across a familiar looking model
I looked and looked again and realised it was a model that I had made, a few years ago of Sandy Cousins Britannia!
I looked again and spotted Steve Bradbury, the chap I had sold it to
The main reason for this posting, is to highlight the professional manner in which the video was shot!
The waterline film must have been shot from a floating camera, skilfully controlled
Note the sharp focussing and camera control.........Very unusual and interesting
The music is also very fitting......Congrats to the cameraman, much appreciated
Well done Steve

Nice to see our members getting around to other clubs in the area, nice one Steve and thanks for bringing this great video to our attention Bob!.

Peter (Duckie)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Club Christmas Dinner 2013

Well another Club Christmas Dinner been and gone, where does the time go, doesn't time fly when you're getting on a bit.
The Club christmas dinner was a great success and though some of the pictures below look as if some of the members were a bit worse for wear, there was no rowdiness!, you don't get that in the best clubs do you!.
Though my friends and I use the Hare and Hounds at Werneth Low as our regular watering hole and get our nose bags on there at least once a month, more if we can squeeze another one in, in our busy schedule 
( There did we find time to do a full time job as well) I never realised that the place was so big and there was a big room at the back!.
I think everyone enjoyed themselves and perhaps you will join me in thanking Mike for once again organising the Do and the raffle, here are some of the pictures taken on the night by myself and Bob the Snapper with his Ipad!.
 Bob and Lawrence

Those two oldies in the balcony springs to mind

 A Thorn between two roses!.

First course was very nice

Dumb and Dumber, he knows I'm only joking, don't you Bob.

Scrubs up well doesn't he.

 Ladies on my table.

 Another section 

Pam, Colin, George and Pauline.

 The gentlemen's table.

A couple of "J" class gent's.

And their ladies.

Commodores table, Mike selling his raffle tickets, plenty of prizes again!.

Very good night was had by all and I'm sure it will be repeated there again next year, I'm lucky in that I will be going again next month!.
Well there is only the AGM and the frostbite day to come now, so perhaps see you there.
For the newer members the AGM is when the trophies are awarded for the year and the committee is decided for the coming year.

2000hrs  11th December    Wednesday  Club night           Clubhouse  AGM

Thursday   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.
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