Monday, 29 November 2010

The big freeze

You don't see this very often.
Bob the Abell reported this from yesterday's visit to the lake !

Went to ECP today
A goose had got stuck to the ice......the wardens used our boat to implement the rescue
Didn`t stay too long...we were freezing
Bob the Pappa Ratsi

This is on the big lake !

Don't suppose our lake is any better.

We haven't been to check

Pete the weak.!!

Even the fishermen are staying home.

Thanks for the report Bob, don't sit down there, don't want to finish up being chipped off the bench by the wardens.

Monday, 22 November 2010

None but the brave

Yesterday though cold but dry we ventured down to the lake and there was the "J" Class lads and a few motorised sailors braving the elements and having a sail
The lake level was still down so the wardens must still be having problems above the sluice gates 

My son RJR on the other blog mentioned in this blog has started a pusher tug for his railroad layout from links I sent him of pusher tugs  working the rivers of the USA and though he is not into model boats I think he is making a good job of it and though it will only be a static model I'm sure it will be well modelled if his layout is anything to go by.

I know some of you members are in to model railways so may be of interest to you !.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Wilton Castle

Here`s a picture of Wilton Castle

One of our old members Bill Goodall used to be the Captain of this craft on the River Severn at Cranwell dock.

He said the boat was very unstable and caused alarm and minor panic amongst  the passengers.

Check out the slide show on the right to see a picture of Bob Abell's beautiful model, as is usual he did all the research on the boat whilst building it

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Club Trip to Warwick

Yesterday Saturday the 13th the Club laid on a coach trip to Warwick Model Boat Show, which was well attended with about 40 members.
 Bob Abell reported that a good time was had by all with a nice run,  good weather and plenty of reminiscing. 

As I'm building a Narrow Boat the pictures Bob sent me reflect that, so if anyone has other pictures from the show they want me to publish here please send me them.

Bob also reported that most of the trade stands were sold out of kits, so its going to be a busy winter modelling with hopefully some nice models appearing in the spring.
I suppose the shows are going to be better off now as most of the model shops seem to be closing down and everything going on-line, if you don't have a PC the shows are the next best thing.

Some more boat pix's just come in

Superb 6ft model 

 The fleets in about 500 strong

And last but not least Mr fix-it the organiser Mike 

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Condition of lake

Went to the lake yesterday and tidied the garden up and swept the landing stage, got a bin load of leaves and then went for some lunch at the cafe.

Sailing was out of the question as the water was full of leaves and bits of twigs and would not take long to spin your props off, never seen it so bad ! but the other lake was clear and looking over the bridge realised that the water level was so low (about 3inches down) that it wasn't flowing over the lip into the big lake so it was backing up all the rubbish in our lake.

We went to see Wayne (head warden) and he said that it was full of dark brown sludge on the other side of the sluice gates and thats why he had closed them to stop this muck coming down and making the lake worse, don't know what he is going to do about it.

Yachts should be ok as the main rubbish is on the landing stage side of the lake.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bob's Pix's

Whilst round the park the other day Bob Abell took these fabulous pictures which I've also entered in the Round the park section on the left.

Judging by the number of entries in our photo comp I know there will be plenty of members that will like these.
Velda and I thought that all the Mandarins had gone but Bob says they are all up on the lake above the weir.

Don't forget its the Warwick Model Boat Show this weekend !
Don't know if there is any room left on the club coach trip there on the 13th Nov you could always phone Mike to see.

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