Monday, 29 July 2013

Club 500 racing and Tug Anteo video

Over the weekend, I've had the internet connection go down and after a check-up I discovered that the wall socket was to blame, so it was a trip to B&Q to buy a new socket, only needed the front section really but never mind it got the house phone working again, but still not the internet!.
After further examination found the lights on the router box not working, so was it the box or the cable?, so on Sunday at Son John's for dinner we tried another cable and it worked!, so can only think it was the transformer plug on the end that had given up the ghost, so on returning home connected up again and my system was working again, its been hell without it and as people always say I talk with my hands you can imagine how I've felt!.
Still all's well now and  for a treat for you Andy Wagstaff sent me these two video's a couple of days ago of his boats with a remote camera fitted to them, the first to a Club 500 boat and at the end of the video it looks like John Goddard is driving it!.

Another of Andy's boat's taken on the big lake as the Club 500 racing was being held on our lake and no fishermen on the big lake

Thanks to Andy for sharing his video's with us!.
Another point of interest to look into is a project that our Bob Abell and another chap Paul T, on Model Boat magazine forum are doing, Paul T has designed a boat "Ellie" that will be Abell to have different superstructures on the same hull and when built to the required standard the plans will be Abell to be sold and the money to go to a charity.
Click here to take you to the website.

Well that's all for now folks and as it's thundering and lightening don't fancy getting another bolt up my socket, at least I'm back up and working again.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Colwyn Bay regatta, News at Ten, Duckie!.

What a wonderful day it turned out to be for the Colwyn Bay Mayors regatta!.
After setting off from home early in cloudy weather, it soon brightened up as we got into Cheshire and beyond. 
On arrival (after stopping at McDonalds on the way) we were met by old friend of our's and our club, Ray Benson who guided us to a nice parking spot, there was a Pop festival on at the park and they were trying to get £5 out of people to park!.
I'm glad to report that there were quite a few of our club members there with their wives as well enjoying the weather and the good company, Alan, Colin and Pam, Bob and Joyce, Charlie, Kean to mention a few as well as some of our newer members!.
Our Vice.

Ray did introduce me to a chap who had visited our Etherow venue that had had a non too nice experience whilst visiting, he said no one out of (four sailors)  was interested in speaking to him when he wanted to know about starting up in the hobby and perhaps joining the club, that was soon rectified as I made sure everyone of our members there introduced themselves to him and his family, bet he wished he'd never mentioned it, still can't let that kind of thing be passed round, gives the club a bad name doesn't it.
 I think every club has a few grumpy's don't they, and unfortunately this chap met all ours on the same day!.
On to the boats.
Still setting up

Colwyn Bay stand
Someone with my own taste in boats Narra Boat and Coaster 

Some new types of signage coming onto the scene, showing boats of their club members.

Can be used like this or indoors at shows.

Hoylake For sale section

The unusual.

Thai boat and Mine layer

Rigor Mortis


The highlight of the day for me was this sinking ship 

Finished up just the bows sticking up out of the water!, then popped up again, no doubt some type of submarine mechanism inside!.

But there again, I tell a lie that was the second highlight of the day, the main highlight was dinner at
"Le Campa Restaurant"

where Bob, Joyce, Charlie, Pepe and myself had a nice cooked meal and at a very reasonabell price, having to listen to each other nattering on and putting the world to rights!.
Nice one Joyce!.

Well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did if you went and if you didn't manage to get there this might give you an idea of what you missed.
Can't wait for next year.

Nearly forgot here is another DO you might like to attend and take your good ladies to, its by the seaside again!.

Could be a another good DO!.
That's all folks.

Friday, 19 July 2013


"Yesterday" there was a song named that wasn't there?.
Well this post is about yesterday at the lake, scorching hot again but a slight breeze off the water!.
There was the usual Thursday crowd plus an extra ie a new chap Nigel who had brought his scratch built boat, which was a Vic Smeed plan of a Fairy Huntsman type.
His first launch on the water with it and a bit apprehensive as we all are at the first launch of a new build, but he needn't have worried as everything was fine and it was a good first sail.
Nigel is waiting for a chance to catch up with our roving Sec (who is on a cruise somewhere) so he can join the club, but like all good thing's Andy's trip will end and he will be back again with us soon.

Nice one, Nigel

Nigel on the left chatting with our Garth.

There was a good discussion afterwards with some of the lads on how to rectify the boat's rudder  mechanism hitting the rear of the boat inside and hopefully it was helpful to Nigel, that's what it's all about isn't it getting helpful advice from people with a bit more knowledge than yourself.

Jimmy and I tied back the roses that had got too big and started spreading on to the path, not a good idea roses with thorns in a narrow garden!. 

Then after a bit of lunch at the cafe with some of the lad's it was too hot for Pepe so it was off home to the garden and a cold beer under the veranda.
This coming Sunday 21st it's the Colwyn  Bay regatta 
and as we always get an invite hope to see some of you there, Good event, prizes and a great raffle, though like most club's the Auction has fell by the wayside this year, this event too good to miss, speaking from past experience.
See Events and shows Tab at the top.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Quiz night 24th July 2013.

Hi Folks, just got news of another addition to the diary program, as follows
Hi Peter, It was suggested to have a short quiz on the second club night meetings, we are having our first quiz on the 24th July.
The quiz is a Kriss Kross quiz with hidden boat names in the quiz, there will be a 5 question Blockbuster quiz, all very easy.
Could you please mention the quiz on your great web page.
 Many thanks .    Philip Laxton.
Many thanks for that Philip, will add it on to the diary listing as well, as this post will be pushed down after the next post.

Son John mentioned on our Facebook page about the new Instagram section on the left hand side of the post's, I am now able to take pictures at the lake on the day's I'm there and upload them direct to the website whilst still there, I started with a few old pictures at home to make sure it was working and get everything right before I went to the lake. Everything works well but the short video's you can add on didn't work as I tried to take it with my IPhone camera as normal  instead of the Instagram App camera section so that didn't work but I've been practicing and got it right for next trip to the lake. 
It is just something else to look out for, so keep your eyes open to see if your boat appears there, there are all sorts of sections on Instagram, but our's is the first one listed on Model Boats and there are quite a few viewers already, more advertising for our club from round the world!.
Also there are a large number of video's on YouTube I've added, just search YouTube for "Etherow" and it will take you there!.

That's it folks until next time.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Fiesta report for July 2013

Fiesta Report 7/7/2013

Hi to all
Weather much better this month very hot, though not much wind.
We only had Seven  races in all, did get some wind later on and even more after 12-0'clock when we finished !.  Eight turned up to race, Bob had Fiesta problems, but mine was OK for a change. Thanks to all for coming.

Trevor Redford came  1st, Terry Miles 2nd, David Lee 3rd, Richard Hemingway 4th, Bob Dunkerley 5th, Jim 6th, George 7th, And one new comer 8th.

See you all next month.

David Lee.

And their off, well some are!.

Is this guy laughing at those who didn't get to the line for the off?.

Thanks for the report Dave.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Clean Up

After the excitement of the past two weekends it was back to the mundane business of the Big Clean Up on the landing stage, which was looking a bit on the tired side.
Old reed matting, had it's day.
So the committee decided to have the clean up party on Monday and then afterwards go and have their monthly meeting over a cuppa!.
I arrived early and with help from Bob Abell installed a wooden edging on the metal edge of the landing stage where the rescue boat was getting damaged.
Job went well and we were soon finished and retired to Bob's campervan for lunch.

There are never any sailors on Mondays, not in the years I've been a club member anyway, but wouldn't you know it when the work party arrived to start work after dinner so did Six sailors!.
Never known it before on Monday

Still the work party got stuck in and soon had the old reed matting off and the new stronger stuff in place

Old stuff off.

Sailors and workers.
On the right there some of the new fencing already in place
with further up two member stripping off the old stuff, it was like a well oiled machine!.

Then Alan got the bit between his teeth and went to town with the Jet Washer

Next day, Tuesday one of the usual sailing days, (though you can sail 365 days of the year at the club)
there was the usual number of sailors and the landing stage looked like new again.
Donald with his one metre.

The rescue boat out on it's new wooden edging.

 Only needs the seats stained and varnished again now when it's dry enough to do the job.

Nice job guy's and a big thank you to all who turned up to make the job easier.
Many hands make light work as they say.
And just when you thought the  Canada Geese hadn't done much mating this year, beware they are all lurking on the top pool waiting to descend on us!.

Now a blast from the past.
I was given a big batch of old model boating magazine with the last models to go on the "For Sale" list, which incidentally have all gone (Boats and Mag's) but this caught my attention.

Do you remember this, I'll bet there are quite a few still in the club who do, I only remember going to the events when they were down at the lake near the Cafe area.
Look at the date there, its 20 years ago, doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourselves
Happy days, before the H&S Bug hit the fan!

Well that's it for this time, another good few days at the club, and all this for a few pence a week!.
Fiesta racing this Sunday 7th July 2013
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