2018, Club Diary.

Club Diary 2018

Date                 Time                Day                         Event                         Venue____   
10th January     1900         Wednesday               Club night                    Clubhouse
24th January      1900         Wednesday               Club night                    Clubhouse
14th February      1900         Wednesday               Club night                    Clubhouse                                            
23rd February     1500         Friday                       500 Club                      Landing Stage

28th February    2000        Wednesday                Club night                    Clubhouse   
Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

4th March           1000         Sunday                      Fiesta Racing               Landing stage
Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

11th March           1000         Sunday                      Fiesta Racing               Landing stage

14th March           1900        Wednesday               Club night                     Clubhouse
9th March           1500         Friday                       Time Trials                Landing Stage
18th March        1100        Sunday                    Steering Competition   Landing stage
23rd March       1500        Friday                      Club 500 Racing           Landing Stage

28th March       2000         Wednesday          HOT POT AND QUIZ       Clubhouse

1st April            1000       Sunday                        Fiesta Racing               Landing stage
6th April             1500       Friday                         Time Trials                  Landing Stage
11th April           2000      Wednesday                  Club night                   Clubhouse
15th April           1100      Sunday                        Steering Comp             Landing stage
20th April           1500       Friday                         Club 500 Racing         Landing Stage
25th April           2000      Wednesday                  Club night                   Clubhouse
4th May              1500       Friday                          Time Trials                 Landing Stage
6th May              1000       Sunday                         Fiesta Racing              Landing stage
9th May              2000      Wednesday                   Club night                   Clubhouse   

18th  May            1500      Friday                           Club 500 Racing         Landing Stage
20th May            1100     Sunday                          Steering Comp            Landing stage
23rd May            2000     Wednesday                   Club night                    Clubhouse      
1st June              1500     Friday                           Time Trials                  Landing stage
3rd June             1000     Sunday                          Fiesta Racing               Landing stage
13th June             2000    Wednesday                   Club night                    Clubhouse
15th June             1500     Friday                          Club 500 Racing           Landing Stage
17th June             1100     Sunday                         Steering Comp              Landing stage
27th June             2000     Wednesday                  Club night                     Clubhouse     
1st July                1000      Sunday                     Fiesta Racing                Landing Stage   
6th July                1500      Friday                         Time Trials                   Landing Stage
              8th July - Kirklees Model Boat Club     Summer Regatta                        

11th July              2000      Wednesday                  Club Night                   Clubhouse

15th July             1100       Sunday                        Steering Comp            Landing stage 
20th July              1500      Friday                          Club 500 Racing         Landing stage

       22nd July     1100       Sunday      EMBC Open Day.

25th July               2000     Wednesday                  Club night                   Clubhouse   
3rd August           1500      Friday                         Time Trials                  Landing Stage
5th August            1000     Sunday                        Fiesta Racing              Landing stage
8th August             2000      Wednesday                Club night                   Clubhouse
17th August           1500      Friday                         Club 500 Racing         Landing Stage
19th August           1100      Sunday                        Steering Comp            Landing stage

22nd  August        2000        Wednesday           Club house and  Landing Stage 
                            Evening Sail and  BBQ                                                                

                            Haydock Park Model Boat Show
                                      25th -   26th August 2018     
                                         Haydock Park. Club Stand                                            Theme:  Ships of the ~First World War~        Set-up on the Friday          

2nd  September      1000      Sunday                        Fiesta Racing               Landing stage
7th September        1500       Friday                        Time Trials                  Landing Stage

                 9th September 2018  Kirklees Autumn Open Day
                          (All vessels welcome - but no i/c or fast electrics)
12th September         2000     Wednesday            Club Night                  Clubhouse
16th September         1100     Sunday                 Steering Comp           Landing stage
21st September         1500     Friday                   Club 500 Racing        Landing Stage
26th September         2000     Wednesday           Club night                  Clubhouse
1st October           1100     Sunday                  Steering Comp           Landing Stage
5th October      1500     Friday       Time Trials       Landing  Stage   
7th October               1000     Sunday                  Fiesta Racing             Landing stage
9th October           1500     Friday                   Club 500 Racing        Landing stage

10th October           2000     Wednesday          HOT POT AND QUIZ          Clubhouse        


24th October           2000     Wednesday           Club Night                   Clubhouse

14th November         2000     Wednesday              Club Night                    Clubhouse
                                                       Judging of boats                  

28th November       2000    Wednesday              Club night                       Clubhouse

12th December      2000     Wednesday              AGM                              Clubhouse

27th December      1100   Thursday       “Frostbite Sail”         Landing Stage and Clubhouse
                                          Soup and Mince-pies after a frosty sail.

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