Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fiesta report + "Aziz"

Fiesta report 7/9/14

Hi to all

Fiesta report for 7/9/14 We had good day, with not much wind for a change ? the weather was OK. Seven  turned up too sail. Only had eight races, with the wind being so light.

The results are :-

TREVOR RADFORD 1ST,  Terry Miles 2nd, Bob 3rd, Rob Gibb 4th, Andy Spencer 5th,  Harry Tootell 6th, Tom 7th.

Thanks to all of you for coming to sail, it was a very good turn out keep um coming.

See you all next month David Lee.

Today at the lake there was the usual "J" Class sailors which have been posted on here quite often, so it is a video of Eric Presley's "Aziz" turn on here.


Hope you liked it, a bit different than the one at the top of the website which is mine.
Alan the Commodore was there with a nice looking gentlemen's cruiser, but he switched on and boiled the ESC so that was binned and so it's back to the drawing board!!.
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1000hrs  5th October        Sunday       Fiesta Racing         Landing stage
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Next Quiz

Hi Folks, had an email from Philip Laxton about the next Quiz and Hot Pot supper.

Hi All, 
On the 22nd October we are having a Quiz & Hot Pot Supper. All starts at 8.00, so please come early for a seat.
Four people per team for the quiz.
I have made the quiz, forty  questions a little easier than the March quiz.
This quiz will consist of general knowledge quiz questions, with a few nautical questions
Second quiz, Will be a Kriss Kross quiz, for  those who do not know, it's just like a crossword quiz, except with a kriss kross quiz, I give you the answers, you just have to fit the answers into the right place.
The third quiz is slightly different, you have to find parts of the human body from clues I give you 
( no its not just women’s bodies)
Forth quiz,  Is a small quiz, I give you Names of boats all jumbled up, you just have to rearrange the letters to find the boats name. 
Regards Philip, hope to see you on the night!.
A couple of posts ago I mentioned that one of the members had a Tranny case with him that I was interested in when he told me that it was only £7.50ish. The last time I'd asked one of the members about his he had said his was £30ish which I believe was a JR one!.

I latest one I'd seen was from Hobbyking and I got mine this week after my son ordered it for me, (I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to ordering online) and here it is.

There is my Spektrum nice and secure in it's case and there is even space in the lid for a few other Bitz and Bobz, I will bring it to the next club meeting for anyone to check it out before splashing out £7.50, Just remember to order from the UK warehouse and not the International warehouse, or you will be paying more for the postage than the case!!.

Today I've been to the lake and on a previous visit I thought the garden area was looking a bit tatty with flower pots full of weeds and being pushed up from the ground by said weeds. As most of the members are only interested with sailing their boats  and hardly look at the  garden I've taken it upon myself to dig out the pots and fill in the holes with fresh pea gravel, and at the same time after complaints from the lads about the thorns on the rose bushes catching their clothes and sails dug them out too!.

As  you can see from the picture it looks a lot tidier and is now completely maintenance free!.
The things you do when you take a sail boat to the lake and there is no wind!.
Regards Peter.  

Next events
1100hrs  21th  September  Sunday        Steering Comp      Landing stage
2000hrs  24th  September Wednesday   Club Night  Club Clubhouse 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Commodores Challenge 2014.

Commodores Challenge,Sunday 14th Sept 2014
The Challenge was to steer a course with your back to the water and a teammate to guide you, here is a report from the commodore.

Hi Guys
A couple of pics from commodores challenge, a good laugh for those who turned up !.
Trevor on the tranny and Andy guiding him!.

Thats, Geoff the judge "You're running out of time you guys!"

Thanks to Alan for providing these pictures as I couldn't be there on the day, the winners were Tom Walton/Andy Glen, congratulations to them.
The Commodore stated that it was a good laugh, but not a very good turnout considering the total number of members in the club. I would have thought that there would have been more myself owning to the fact that there was no cost involved with Alan providing the boat and tranny for the event.

The winner of the Photo competition was Alan Breese, I know the shout that will go up with this "Fix" "Fix" and even though there were only five pix's on show, two of them were mine two were Bob Abell's and one of Alan's, I must say that I thought Alan's was best and the vote on it by the members present on the night confirmed it!.

The next day at the lake I found Philip Heywood there with his new build, "Blue Skies" A hull bought off EBay and scratchbuilt the rest of the boat and a very nice job he's made of it!.

"I did it my way"

Nice chunky boat

And the innards!.
Sailed well as well.

Caught this picture of two swans near the landing stage doing one of their mating rituals and interrupted by this Egyptian Goose, you can just imagine them saying "What's it got to do with you then, push off!"
But the Egyptian was very persistent

I think it fancied one of them for himself!.
I know its not about boats , but not everything is, is it!.
Thats all for now, Bye 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

New builds at the lake.

Over the past week or so there have been quite a few new builds on the lake, so I thought i would give you a run down of them.
First of all there was Mark Jarvis with his tug.

Mark's Tug

Tranny Bag
But of more interest to me personally was the tranny Bag that Mark had, I'd ask one of the other members about one of these the back end of last year and he had said they were about £30+ (I think), but Marks bag from Hobby King was only £7+ and the postage which makes it very interesting.
Mark advised to make sure you order from their UK warehouse and not the International warehouse as the postage would cost more than the Bag.
I've ordered one myself and will publish my findings and bring it to the next meeting, when I get it of course.

Next new boat on the lake was Eric Presleys 10 hatch coaster, very nice build as usual by Eric, and I know about this Model Slipway kit as I've had one for a few years!.

Sits nice on the water, this was the first time out so Eric was still working on the weight to get it onto the waterline and stop the cavitation at the stern, hence the roll of lead on the deck just at the back of the hatches.

Next on the table was Rob's Tornado 80, he had had this one at the lake a few days previously to test it for water tightness and brought it back with a refit of a brushless motor, receiver and better batteries, which balanced the boat better and brought the bow up more!.

 As you can see its a bit nose heavy on this picture.

Name's Bond, James Bond!.

As the following video shows, its alright now and going like a bomb, not too much speed at the moment as Rob's getting used to the speed of this craft.


Last but not least another flyer, This is another new member with a boat that he's taken the i/c engine out and installed a big water jet propulsion unit run by a big brushless motor.

 And here it is, too fast to get a video of it with my small camera, perhaps next time!.

I thought you couldn't had a reverse on a water jet boat, but this is how you do it with this servo controlled scoop!, still what I know about these high tech things I could get on the back of a stamp, there again they are too dear to be writing of them these days.
The last club meeting if you didn't manage to get there was a talk by Michael Street on the trials and tribulations of getting his Submarine to float right and rise and submerge properly, will try to get a picture on the water for you next time he's out.
Good talk and plenty of chances to ask questions on this subject and the In's and Out's of  Ni Cad batteries!.
There again catch Michael at the lake if you want to know anything else about this subject as it's not my thing.

The small boat and transmitter on the kitchen shelf there is the boat to be used by all entrants in the Commodores challenge this year, see the tab at the top above the Red Boat to see the details of this event.

Well that's it for another day, off for a wash and brush up and down to the lake with the faithful hound for a bit of lunch and check out the scene on the water today!.

Next Event
1000hrs 14th September,  Sunday,    Commodore’s Challenge   Landing Stage
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Footie Yacht's 2014

Received this e-mail from Member Terry Miles a few weeks ago, but unfortunately he had sent it to my old email address, so just a reminder to you to check out your email address and make sure Andy the sec has your right one in his records.
Back to Terry's email, you may remember (or not) that a few posts back I mentioned that Terry had build two Footie yachts one for him and one for his wife Melanie.

Here is Terry's item.

Just a thought - I don't know whether this is something to put on the website, it is a link to the UK Footy website

if you have a browse you will see it is an excellent resource for plans, building guides etc. and all things Footy.

I have also attached a copy of the Footy Rules together with the Rules Summary.

It may spark someone's interest to have a go at building a footy

 Correx Hull & Bin Bag Sails = very cheap sailing boat!! 


Thanks for this info Terry always nice to have some items of interest from Members to publish, perhaps we might see Footie races at our lake as well as the popular Fiesta's and "J" class races in the future, just the job for those of you thinking of downsizing to something lighter these days when you are getting older, it does come to us all, it's nice to have a big un on the lake but is it getting harder each time you go these days?, if so these little beauties may be just the job for you!
If you are interested in these nippy little yacht's I'm sure Terry will be only too happy to guide you in your build.
Next Events in the diary

2000hrs 10th  September  Wednesday Club night   Photo Competition Clubhouse   
1100hrs 14th September  Sunday    Commodore’s Challenge   Landing Stage
 See Tab at top of Blog for details of this years challenge!.

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