Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas nearly upon us

With Christmas nearly upon us have you got all your presents lined up and your wish list lying about for the wife to find! Check out the "For sale"  Section on the blog here, there might be something there for you to build in the long winter months ahead.

There is still time for you to book for the Club Christmas Dinner just scroll down a little way to find the venue and menu.

Closing date for the dinner is 
Sunday 27th November 2011.

Doesn't this picture make you want to grab the phone and give Mike a call to book your place!.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bob Abell news at Ten, Warwick Model Boat Show

The show report from Warwick, worth the wait as its another splendid report from our ace reporter
 Bob Abell.

Mike Hodgson did a fine job as usual, organising the trip.
Many thanks, Mike, you`re doing a great job.
Here we are at Halfords, Stockport, waiting for 1/2 hour for a missing club member who was still in bed when the coach pulled in!

The Warwick showground comes as a bit of a surprise, when first seen through the coach window! It`s in a farmers field, in the middle of nowhere!

The coach journey is nice, plenty to see and takes about 2.1/2 hours, depending which racing driver you get!
The exhibition consists of four large buildings, which grow larger, as time goes by and by 4.00 pm one is only too glad to crawl back in the coach for a good sit down!
The first club stand had a GIANT destoyer on show, very impressive but lacked any detail. Wouldn`t like that in my garage!

The Model Barge owners stand was very interesting. I often find myself thinking of building another barge, as they are full of olde worlde charm. Saw Richard Chesney on the stand, the stalwart of 1/24th scale barge racing

Canal barges were very popular, as builders can "go to town" fitting them out with all the dolly stuff!

One stand which caught my eye was showing beautifully glossy speedboats, the finish on them was amazing! I was tempted, but once again, managed to misplace my Visa card!

This winter's issue of Modelboats Special contains a write up of a plastic kit conversion by Dave Abbott of the USS Arizona and the actual model was on display on the Luton club stand, which was interesting and I noticed a few more models too, which have appeared in the magazine previously

The Royal Spithead review display was on show again. 575 models, all built to the same scale of 1 inch = 100ft by Jack Snary. Had a good chat with Jack and he has been building his fleet for the past 30 years!
He hopes to build a model of Great Eastern and the rest of Brunels ships, shortly but has a backlog of 12 more battleships to build first!

On the impressive lifeboat stand, was this Watson class on the high seas! The cloth below was motorised in all directions and could easily make one sea sick, just watching it!

Some models must have taken simply years to construct, just look at the immense detail on this WW1 Battleship, complete with delicate anti torpedo nets!

Then an exercise in weathering!

My personal favourite kit builder, Model Slipway!

At the end of the day, what could be nicer than a welcome sit down, rest yer legs and just watch the boats?
Then it`s off home and await the next enjoyable coach trip, but that`ll be next year now!

Bye chaps........Bob Abell

Many thanks to Bob for another splendid report, those that couldn't manage to go will at least get the idea of it for next years outings.

Thanks again to Mike the social sec for another great event this year!.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Although I have been involved in this blog in the background since its start, I have not really got involved with its subject matter. A keen modeller my interest has always been railway related. My garden shed has been the home to a few railway related models of various scales.

Ranging from N to G I have had a dabble in various scales and locations.

Like a HO USA layout

Or a G scale scratch built set of stock for outdoors

As family circumstances have changed I have switched my modelling interest so My Dad (Peter) and I can spend more time together sharing a hobby. I am currently "leasing" his excellent Coaster off him. Although I have been "resting" from any model making over the summer I have plans to build a new load for the boat that will involve some trains.

Dad and I have been down to Etherow the last 2 Saturdays, but today was our first day sailing together, along with my youngest daughter Ruth.

There is a family love of cameras, videos and the internet so the day would not be complete without making a film....

John Teal

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Dinner Booking

Yes its that time of year again!

Tuesday 6th December 
Club Christmas Dinner at the Hare and Hounds
Dooley Lane
Price £21.00
Bookings now being taken by Social Sec Mike Hodgson


Soup of the Day (v)
Freshly made and served with crusty bread & butter
Mushroom & Stilton (v)
Sliced button mushrooms in a stilton cream sauce, Served with garlic bread
Melon & Mango (v)
Melon pearls with diced mango and drizzled with a fruit coulis
Prawn, Apple & Celery
Bound in mayonnaise, placed on a crisp salad and served with brown bread
Main Courses
Traditional Roast Turkey
Served with a bacon chipolata roll, sage & onion stuffing and gravy
Roast Topside of Beef
Accompanied with Yorkshire pudding and gravy
Poached Salmon Fillet
With a crème fraiche & dill sauce
Butterfly Pork Steak
Topped with an apple & cider cream sauce
Vegetarian Main Course
Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini (v)
Served in a tinati & basil cream sauce, with garlic ciabatta

Chocolate Roulade
With fresh cream
Traditional Plum Pudding
Served with brandy sauce
Fresh Fruit Salad
Sticky Toffee Pudding
With hot custard

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