Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"For sale " section

Have you been keeping a check on the "For sale" section of the blog ,  if not its down on the left under title PAGES!
If you have been checking, I can't believe that Bob Abell's two lathes are still on there, and at such reasonabel prices,  is the computer (e-bay) , computer games and telly taking over and modelling going down the pan ?
If you don't like making your own boats or are new to the club and don't have much of a fleet yet  there are some nicely built boats and kits there.
These are boats that members sell to make room for building other models or bought a kit as it seemed a good idea at the time!.
I don't just put these boats on the blog, I work at selling them and treat it as a service to members for buyers and sellers alike, I've been on the landing stage in the past and hear someone wishing they had a certain boat and next day heard someone wanting same, so now I hope I'm helping in some small way.

That's all folks.
Del Boy!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ritalea Launch

Looking at the first picture in the previous blog (Saturday 26th) I noticed on the bank of the lake at Lyme park Velda's Zephyr which is the boat that Bob Abell built from plans in Model Boat magazine

The then Ritalea was given a Fish tale rudder by Bob and whilst testing it sold it to Velda as she liked it so much, after a bit of tarting up which the ladies like it turned into the present boat

I thought it might interest the Steering Competition members out there as the turning circle on this boat is fantastic

As the eagle eyed amongst you will see the top bracket is made from an electrical prong off a plug, what a good idea hey , and it might get your boat round those corners on the course a bit better

Bob had this idea published in Model boats magazine 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Another dip into the past

For the newer members and for the ones that didn't get to the events here is another dip into the past

Lyme Park 2003

Regatta 2003
I C Speedboat 2004

Urmston 2005

Opening ceremony 2006

New landing stage opening 2006 with contributors from Kerry Foods  (the old Walls Foods) and the Dootson family present.

Regatta 2006

Romiley 2006

Hope you older members have enjoyed this trip down memory lane and hope its given the newer members a taste of things to come, but it takes a lot of effort to put these events on and hopefully you will be there to help.

Not too many dips into the past hey !! onwards and upwards is my motto and lets make the coming year as good if not better that those past.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looking back

I was looking back at some old pictures to-day and came across a couple sent me by Bob Abell which I'm sure he won't mind me using, the first gives you an idea of the inside of our clubhouse if you are just a casual viewer or thinking of joining us 

That's me talking with my hands as usual, My son always says that if you cut off my hands I would be speechless.

The second is of a visit we Teal's and the Abel's took to Bury Model boat club and Bob came home with the Best Yacht on the day trophy (2007) 

If he fell off Burton's he'd fall into a new suit !

Bob titled this picture 
"Pleased as Punch with two Judy's" 

And the last is Bob's idea for the Commodore's challenge this year !!

Boat retriever

 I like it, if their mouth is soft enough not to injure a duck, would it damage a boat though  ??

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Underwater Video RC Submarine

Been to the lake to-day and did a few jobs on the tables !. A few years ago I'd put some edging strips on the tables as the greenery on the end grain was getting on peoples clothes, the only trouble was it was only soft wood, so it was starting to rot!  So to-day I've replaced it with decking strips so it will last as long as the tables now.

New edging on tables

Edging on Mikes new table

Didn't stay long afterwards as it was still chilly when we stopped working.

There was a lot of work being done refurbishing the outside of the clubhouse by the yacht club members, so that should look nicer the next time you see it.

My son found this You-tube video for the submarine fans out there, enjoy!.

And for the dog lovers here is a dog we saw there to-day.
Boston the 12 wk old Boston Terrier.

Don't forget its the start of the Steering competition  to-morrow , see diary on left!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

New table

Went to Etherow to-day to give a helping hand to Mike who had all the bits and pieces for the new table near the gate that had been destroyed by the people with nothing better to do over Christmas.

Mike has made sure it won't move this time by making the new one out of metal and welding it to the railings

Even painted it

Do you want tea or coffee?

As you can see Velda did her woman's thing, didn't even ask him  to display his badge.

Finished thing

Nice job as always Mike.

Dave Lee had a try out on the way home, and rated it a success !!
And you still get to use the bottom for a seat.

Did you hear of the factory manager that invented a marvellous appliance for speeding up the production in his factory ! , He called it a whip.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Warships at Etherow.wmv

We went to the lake yesterday and had lunch with Donald and Henry in the cafe and then had a chat with some of the members on the landing stage and took this video !

Large warship is David's and smaller scale is Norman's, with Graham's fast launch acting as the the Smuggler I think, coastal patrol has no chance catching him!

Newish member Irvin was there also with Norman, both warship fans!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

New committee members

Owing to the unfortunate resignation of Dave Cole due to ill health, Andy Glen has moved into the position of Commodore and has chosen John Muncey as his Vice Commodore, this situation is covered in the club constitution, though the position John has taken over will have to be voted on at the next AGM by the membership. I am sure you will join me in wishing both of them all the best in their new positions.

Check out the committee section on the left, if you aren't sure who your committee are and who you  need to speak to for any inquiries.

Also at the last club meeting, due to Jim Brown being poorly the film show was a none starter, so best wishes for a speedy recovery Jim from all of us! and look forward to the film show another night. 

Mike the social Sec is taking bookings for the 3 coach trips he has arranged for this year so check your diaries and dates and get your names in quickly before the seats all go, can't buy the petrol and go yourself for these prices!.

So once again wishing Dave and Jim a speedy recovery from all of us at the club.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Steering Competition

The Steering Competition season is about to start.

The Man
Come along and enjoy a social and fun event!
Test your skill on the steering course! 
All boats can compete in a fun and exciting competitive event.
If you want to compete ring Geoff Fitzsimons via the club directory

Hard a port!

What icebergs
Even steamers can do it


First date for Steering is 
Sunday 20th March 2011 at 10-30am
Report submitted by Geoff 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Model planes your thing ?

If you are into Model Planes as well as boats how about this ? might be of interest to you, good viewing even if your not

This aircraft runs on four chainsaw motors.  

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bob Abell, Ellesmere Port News at 10-00

Bob Abell reporting......
I got to the show about 2.30 pm, so the early mad rush had passed me by.
The trade stands were very quiet and I heard a group of traders complaining about the poor turnout. I was on the lookout for the large Fairey Huntsman and a Glasgow paddler, but didn`t spot any.
Most of Joe Publick were outside, looking at the very impressive model dock the sunshine....even though there was a chilly wind blowing.
The club stands were very well attended with hundreds of boats on display. Saw Chris Gutteridge and Les Jones on the Lifeboat stand
There was a big attendance of a new attraction......model lorries and tractors etc. The big lorries were very well made with all the necessary sound effects etc......They were obviously built from kits, but I didn`t see any on the stands
Another new attraction was indoor model aircraft. One model flying about very nicely was about 20" wingspan built from Fairey dust and spiders webs, and had a receiver about 1/4" square with similar sized battery and servos!
The museum itself is very interesting and has dozens of nostalgic old wrecks and relics on show and was nice to see that most of the barges were being faithfully restored. For this weekend only, the entrance fee was only....£3.00
Verdict......A nice show and will be going again next year

Etherow V Ellesmere

What ever you did this weekend, this was the model boating scene for some club members 

Bob the Abell took time off  from his busy schedule installing new kitchen cabinets and chanced a roasting off  " her indoors"  by going to Ellesmere to take these pictures for you !
So if you didn't manage to get there or haven't been before this is it.

Real thing in the background

Busy docks
Opening gambit
The real thing

If you did go and missed the Opening of the Fiesta Racing back home here is a report from Dave Lee the Racing Rep 

We had good weather and wind for a change, had 12 races in all,

seven sailed, with no one dropping out. In all we had a good day.

Trevor 1st, Terry 2nd, David lee 3rd, Richard 4th, Bob 5th, Keith 6th, John 7th.


So it would seem that a good weekend was had by all with good weather and good company

Bob even bought me a  bag of bumpers for the Narra Boat, thanks for them Bob.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Something for the weekend sir!

Yesterday we met Graham (the " Lily" as in the head picture) also his wife and daughter at the lake and we had a good natter and I took this video of two of his superb models, his daughter Kirsty hasn't quite tamed the Duck yet but is getting there.
Graham is looking good after his bad patch of illness and when I mentioned it was too cold to be sat about he informed me he had got on his electric Motorcycle suit! 
We could have all done with one I think.  

Whilst waiting for Graham to arrive Velda and I did a couple of jobs on the landing stage, ie I changed the Club signs on the public side of the landing as you can see the main one is faded to almost nothing so changed them round and discarded the old one.


Did a bit of repair work on the Frequency board as well, I would think that as things are going with the change over to 2.4gig it will be obsolete in a couple of years, what do you think !

Velda gave the landing stage floor a good going over and the garden a weeding  ready for the Fiesta sailors the next day
So all in all a good weekend, what with the Fiesta's starting their year and Ellesmere on over the weekend and the weather brightening up all's well. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ellesmere Port

Don't forget its the Ellesmere Port Show this weekend

March 5/6th
Ellesmere Port Spring Trade and Model Boat Show
National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port
South Pier Road
Ellesmere Port
Cheshire,CH65 4FW

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another good day at Etherow

Beautiful sunny day at the lake to-day, but still quite cold and after lunch at the cafe got the Sec's Tug and my Micro Magic on the water, though it didn't last for long with the cold.
My micro magic certainly looked Micro against the lads sailing their "J" Classes

What could be nicer than a days sailing in these surroundings.

No ducks or geese were injured during the making of this film!
I can guess the remarks now!.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Southport report

On the 26th of February, 5 of our Fiesta  sailors went to Southport after being invited by West Lancs SC
The weather was good BUT a little too windy and open for our lads with their Fiesta's,  the idea was to have an exchange of boats and as you can see in the first picture Trevor and Terry sailing Lazers,  then a group picture though not very clear, but gives you a flavour of the day.

Trev and Terry with Lazers

Group Picture

Rescue boat
No No No this rescue boat won't fit into our boathouse so we can't have one!.

A good day was had by all who attended and there might be a return trip so another chance for you if you couldn't manage this time.
Report by Dave Lee and pictures by Andy Glen

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