Friday, 25 February 2011

Fast ladies at Etherow.wmv

Managed to get a nice sunny day in at the lake yesterday before the rain sets in again.
After lunch at the cafe returned to the landing stage in time to net another new member Richard and I know you will welcome him into the club as we did.
Has he's been into model flying will perhaps need some help to convert to model boat sailing and there is plenty of experience in our club to be gained. 

Another video for you with yesterday's members Colin and John and you won't need too many guesses which boats belong to who!! they are in the video as well.
To cap off the day nicely sold the Aircraft carrier from the "For Sale" section to Alan Breese, likes his Grey boats does Alan, and knew the late owner Phil Fleming quite well  ( Phil served on the boat when he was younger) so the boat is going to a good home and the money to club funds!.
 Looking forward to seeing the boat on the water again Alan !
What you've not noticed the "For sale" section on the left of the blog ??, better get looking you might be missing a good deal, nice early Fiesta there Number 58 one of the Classic's !!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Quiz and Hot Pot

Last night was a great success at the Quiz and hot pot supper, quiz master was Phil complete with Dickie Bow and the questions were a good mix of general knowledge stuff.
 The food was up to the usual standard with Mike using the same supplier as before with plenty of red cabbage and beetroot and then apple pie and cream to follow, helped down with tea or coffee or a visit to the bar if preferred.
A turn out of 64 with a good turn out of ladies for a change to brighten the place up and I must not forget to thank the ladies behind the counter at the kitchen for their efforts during the night on behalf of the membership dishing up the grub and cleaning up afterwards.
 The prize giving by the Vice Commodore with shields to the winners and wooden spoons going to the losers at the end of the night.
All in all a great night Mike and when's the next one ??

Whilst there it was pointed out to me that my deliberate mistake had been spotted and that the first Club 500 meeting was not March 16th @ 7-0pm but lower down there is the right date at 27th March @ 3-00pm so don't turn up at 7-0pm as you will be sailing by yourself in the dark !! , April starts the 7-0pm times
The main diary on this blog is correct.
Sorry for any confusion.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Reminder for to-morrow night

Just a reminder that this event is on to-morrow night
23rd February 2011

This is the first event of the new year so give it your support
  The Quiz will consist of general knowledge questions and teams of three or four made up by yourself's on the night
Quiz Night and Hot Pot Supper
 23rd February 2011 at 8-00pm

Wednesday Night at the Clubhouse
 Bring the family and join the fun

Hot Pot, Apple Pie and Cream

Eat,drink and be merry,for tomorrow we diet.

Wine improves with age, I like it more the older I get.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fiesta's at Southport

On 26th Feb 2011 there is a Fiesta event for you at Southport arranged by your Fiesta sec Dave Lee.
This event will be run by the West Lancs sailing Club, venue will be at

Southport Sailing Club
Marine Lake, Marine Drive, Southport
 SSC is situated half way along the lake, opposite the North Island. Park in the car park.
PR8 1RY for those with Sat Nav's gets you to the lake

The event was arranged for earlier in the month at our lake but due to mix up was rescheduled for this new date.
It will be racing of Fiesta's against Lasers!.

Clicking above will take you to the club site at Southport and picture gallery of Lazers in action 

These are our Fiesta's racing , bit of difference in size hey.
Information received from West Lanc's is that there is Good water access,Good car parking, Hot drinks but no food, McDonalds  near by though,
Club opens at 9-30am and racing starts at 10-30am after short briefing
Dave will be giving final details of the event at the next club meeting 23rd Feb 2011 the last club meeting before this event
 and don't forget its the Quiz and Hotpot Supper as well.

Weather permitting this will be a nice run out and even if you don't race Fiesta's your support for our guys would be appreciated I'm sure.
Contact Dave Lee via the club directory if any other info required !! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Using Blogger

 It crossed my mind, that to-days visitors have come here from varies links. Some of you will be frequent bloggers who are familiar with the format and what its all about. Others may have "popped in" for a look having responded to an email invite and of course some of you may have followed a link from else-where.

Blogger was launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs and taken over by Google in 2003. The general idea of a blog can be thought of as an online diary, it has become a popular format in recent years and is often used by individuals rather than having a traditional website. Its free service to both writer and reader, funded by the Google advertising empire

This section you are reading is the current "post". A post is like a diary entry and they are organised with the newest entry at the top, therefore as you scroll down the page the entries get older.
Down the left are various "Gadgets" ...
The top gadget at the moment, "Blog archive" which is a quick index to all the posts or entries that have been made.
The next one down is "Pages" which are there all the time with information such as  the club diary,events,club clothing,for sale and wanted sections!.
"Followers" are other bloggers who have elected to be kept upto date with posts I am making.
At the bottom of each post is a comment option, clicking on this opens a list of other peoples comments and a box for you to make a comment yourself. You will be asked to select a profile to comment as, if you don't have a google profile, no problem, select anonymous, but it would be good if you could give me a clue in the  text who you are so others can see your entry.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Etherow model sailing

Another video for you taken yesterday at the lake, good crowd there on a nice sunny day!

Sorry about the wildlife sound , you get enough of that there don't you, not got round to adding sounds yet so will have to put up with sounds on the day from the camera.(changed since)
A bit better video this one, after some instructions off my son RJR (the railway modeller) in the blog list

Alfred Hitchcock wouldn't have worried about my birds after his Classic film "The Birds " would he!  

Sunday, 6 February 2011

First Event of the New year

This is the first event of the new year so give it your support
  The Quiz will consist of general knowledge questions and teams of three or four made up by yourself's on the night
Quiz Night and Hot Pot Supper
 23rd February 2011 at 8-00pm

Wednesday Night at the Clubhouse
 Bring the family and join the fun

Hot Pot, Apple Pie and Cream 
The 2011 Diary for the year has now been published under "Pages" on the left of this Blog so keep your eye on it in case of cancellations or alterations (hopefully there won't be too many of those)
As you can see its colour coded so you can easily see the section of the club you are most interested in!
Posters will be added here and on the landing stage notice board of any other events that might be of interest to members throughout the year and nearer the time.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Determination or What?

This was last Sunday morning  - There's just no stopping them

One of the benefits of joining the club , a rescue boat in case your Model boat breaks down.

Friday, 4 February 2011

first video

Bought a new camera on Wednesday, one that takes video's and here is my first attempt at doing it on a visit to the lake on Thursday, hopefully will get plenty of practice over the coming months.
I thought it would give people a feeling for Etherow Country Park and the Model Boat Club we have there .
Nice bright day and  not too cold.

Nice "A" Class yacht of Trevor's, Carbon fibre hull really big and a big keel weight !! Check it out against the other "J" Class yacht's in the video which are big to start with.

Don't forget the bigger the boat the heavier the weight and here is George with his weights for his large  freighter 

100lbs of lead , no wonder he had a hernia , I'm going downwards these days ie Micro Magic yacht ! stays rigged in the car just like the Fiesta's

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