Thursday, 21 October 2010

Photos of boats

Another couple of excellent big naval boats built by  Alan Breese, his preference but builds other types of boats as well to the same high standard.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Alan Breese boat pictures

Just a test run Pete not sure how many pictures I can send at one go ?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Last Day of Competition Sunday 17th

At the lake to-day it was the last day of the yearly competitions  so it was a full crowded day on the landing stage with the Steering in the morning and the Club 500 in the afternoon !.
The Club 500 usually race in the evenings but its getting too dark now for that.
This is the start of the first 500 race of the day and won by John Davis

The boats in the lower picture were the only ones I managed to capture in full flight!.

For non-members here are some earlier pictures of the steering competition 

What icebergs? full steam ahead !

Even the yachtsmen from the yacht club were out in strength

So it was a good day at the lake and as it was the Blackpool Model Boat Show as well a very good turn out , most of the members in attendance had gone to Blackpool on Saturday so as not to miss the racing

Sweeping brushes repaired and returned to the box by the way .

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blackpool Show

Had a good run to Blackpool and got there just in time to jump into a parking spot in the car park.

There was the usual club stands and a good supply of traders 
Laurie White of Model Slipway with one of his latest kits "Our Lass"

And the Lifeboat Enthusiasts Society to name a few.
I got all my shopping list but one and then as it was such a nice day we left and went to St Ann's for the rest of the day

Only saw a couple of our Club members there John Muncey and Alan Breese and Jenny but I'm sure there will have been many more in attendance over the weekend.

Looks like Trevor in the right background with his mate Bob, hadn't noticed them until I got home and edited the picture !.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Thursday 14th

If anyone is wondering where all  the brushes are out of the top box !

I took two broken brushes home and got a couple of new staves at Romiley hardware shop, ( its like an Aladdins cave in there) and when we got home I drilled the brush heads out and fitted the new handles, as good as new and all for 98p each, will have to wait to get them back now as its Blackpool show tomorrow. Perhaps Sunday .

Pepe even got a treat in the handware shop, shop keeper said no one goes out of here empty handed !!

Perhaps see a few of you at Blackpool !.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ready for winter

Went to the Lake yesterday and Velda finished the winter planting in the garden behind the benches and we had a losing battle trying to sweep up all the falling leaves, No chance at this time of the year.
Don't forget its the Blackpool Show this next weekend !,
 and if you are saving your pennies for the Warwick Show next month you'd better hurry up and get your coach ticket ordered with Mike as the places are filling up 

 Seen at the Park this week ! I know some of you members are motorcycle fans as well as Model Boaters

This is nice isn't it ! a Honda Goldwing trike, Cue Barbara Streisand with "Memories" 

Friday, 8 October 2010

Warwick Model Boat show

Book now for our trip to the Warwick Model Boat Show – a real bargain
The Club has arranged a trip for members to visit a major model event –the International Model Boat Show at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa. This is a show devoted to boating and promises to be a great day out.
Another plus point is that this trip in on a Saturday because the day trip season will be over and that means we could book the coach at a weekend – so put 13th November in your diary – once you have reserved your seat of course.
The total cost, which includes coach travel and entrance to the exhibition, will be £15 for EMBC members and guests can go for £18. It would cost a lot more than that by car in fuel alone.

Mike still has a few seats left , so contact him now via the club phone directory and get your seat booked !.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Spot the mistake !

Whilst at the lake yesterday saw this superb model made and sailed by Graham H, the picture was on another day but can you spot the mistake . No prizes I'm afraid

Club Friends

Hi Peter
How do I get my mug-shot into the friends gallery?   I attach a photo which you can use if it is good enough..   You met me on Thursday, while I was sailing my "J" boat which I had just acquired from Brian.   I have a bit of a beard now but that shouldn't distract from my radiant good looks!!
Andy Glen

And here it is, beautiful boat ! photo taken on an earlier outing.
The four masted schooner was scratch-built by Eric B

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