Friday, 26 August 2011

Haydock this weekend

 Just a reminder that its the Haydock show this weekend!

                          27, 28th August     Haydock Show
                This is the new Birchwood for this year! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bob Abell's Great Eastern Adventure with the BBC

This week saw Bob's Great Eastern Adventure reach its final stage.
As you all know The Great Eastern laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic and when the BBC program
"Coast" decided to renew the program again this year they decided to re-enact the cable laying, so through the Model Boats magazine, contacted Bob has they knew from earlier Threads that he had a Great Eastern Model.
After numerous e-mails  and phone calls it finally came to this

Here are some of the pictures from the long tiring, but happy day Bob had at Hoylake Lake, you might recognise some of the stars of the program!. 
The BEEB crew

Getting ready

Laying cable

                                  Bob and Mark Horton discussing the various features of the model.

Choppy waters

Hoylake, nice site and good weather what more could Bob and the Beeb ask for!

Bob,In his element and the water!

Mark getting closer.

The Hoylake members, who were very helpful all day, made their appearance with JAWS!..................Nice one, boys!

                                    Jonathan Hare of the Coast team watches GE make an impressive start!

And it worked with a good signal at the other end!

And Bob did his bit for the club with his advertising, doesn't miss a trick with the detail does he!

If you enjoyed this why not look at the full thread on Model Boats, don't think there have been many threads with 9,800 views , Nice one Bob, how do you follow that.
Only hope you are going to take Jeanie Deans at War to the Warship Day, so other newer members can see your other efforts!!

Don't forget to watch out for the program on the telly !

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Warship Day

As I've stated on an earlier Blog the date of the Warship Day has been altered !!

Warship Day is now Sunday September 11th 2011
And all donations to "Help for Hero's" fund
click here for their website

Unfortunately this date clashes with Kirklees MBC, their Warship Day is the same date, but you know what they say Charity begins at home ! 

I've heard that some of our members are going to that event, why I ask myself when there are two perfectly good lakes at our own club, yes we have the use of both lakes that day,so if you haven't got a warship like me, I'm sure no one will object to see some of our other fine models on the water and the destroyers will need something to escort, that's my story  and I'm sticking to it!

We are having other military items and events on the day  ie Ford Wileys jeeps with machine guns, and before you ask kids, No you can't try them out!
There are posters being put up all round the area in supermarkets and shops , so get your Grey ships out and give them a dust and support your local Club.

Sick notes for non attendance at the next club meeting after event please,, Only joking !!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Colin's warship

Here is someone getting geared up for the "Warship Day"
Got an e-mail from Colin Harrison yesterday, reads
Hello Peter and Velda, here are a few photos of my Daring class destroyer undergoing its first sea trials. It needs a little more ballast at the stern but otherwise good. And change batteries from 6V SLAs to 7.5V ones. Sails better with lower centre of gravity and slighly higher speed.

Nice one Colin,wish more members would follow suit and send in some articles of interest for the club instead of just my idea's which might not be to everyone's taste!.
Hope this inspires a few more members to get their grey boats out and sorted ready for the big day.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Club Night 10th August

The next Club night 10th August 2011,

 Alan Higham will be selling some packs of  Graupner and Reed plastics accessories he bought when Cheshire Models closed its shop doors.
So there might be some bargains other than the items that Phil of Hyde Models sells on the second Wednesday of the month club nights!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fiesta Report August 2011

Fiesta report 7/8/2011

Hi to all
This is the fiesta report for Sunday 7th of August, we had a bit of a wet day, but not much wind. We did get 12 races in all, the last one being a two lapper.
Thanks to the eight that came to race, it’s getting to be very popular I hope more will come and race.

Results Trevor 1st, Terry Miles 2nd, David Lee 3rd, Keth Scamell 4th, John Munley 5th, Bob Dunkley 6th, Frank Laxton 7th, Andy Glen 8th.

Yours David Lee

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Harry Poorly

Just had a message from one of the members as follows
Hi Peter 
Sorry i haven't been down to the club for some time but I've had an accident and bust my pelvis so I have been in hospital for 6 weeks,  just got home today on two sticks, hope to see you all soon, Harry.

This is Harry Bardsley, new member this year, you may have met him on the landing stage or at club meetings!

We wish you a speedy recovery Harry from all the members at the club and hope to see you on the landing stage again soon, get well card winging its way to you from the club.

On another subject, all those of you going to Southport to-day have a good time and stay sober!!
better get a move on or you might miss the coach at this time of day!

That's all folk's

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