Monday, 18 October 2010

Last Day of Competition Sunday 17th

At the lake to-day it was the last day of the yearly competitions  so it was a full crowded day on the landing stage with the Steering in the morning and the Club 500 in the afternoon !.
The Club 500 usually race in the evenings but its getting too dark now for that.
This is the start of the first 500 race of the day and won by John Davis

The boats in the lower picture were the only ones I managed to capture in full flight!.

For non-members here are some earlier pictures of the steering competition 

What icebergs? full steam ahead !

Even the yachtsmen from the yacht club were out in strength

So it was a good day at the lake and as it was the Blackpool Model Boat Show as well a very good turn out , most of the members in attendance had gone to Blackpool on Saturday so as not to miss the racing

Sweeping brushes repaired and returned to the box by the way .

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  1. You are doing a fine job, Duckie, running this blog!
    Keep up the good work

    You`ve not had many comments, because most club members can`t use a PC!


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