Saturday, 12 November 2011


Although I have been involved in this blog in the background since its start, I have not really got involved with its subject matter. A keen modeller my interest has always been railway related. My garden shed has been the home to a few railway related models of various scales.

Ranging from N to G I have had a dabble in various scales and locations.

Like a HO USA layout

Or a G scale scratch built set of stock for outdoors

As family circumstances have changed I have switched my modelling interest so My Dad (Peter) and I can spend more time together sharing a hobby. I am currently "leasing" his excellent Coaster off him. Although I have been "resting" from any model making over the summer I have plans to build a new load for the boat that will involve some trains.

Dad and I have been down to Etherow the last 2 Saturdays, but today was our first day sailing together, along with my youngest daughter Ruth.

There is a family love of cameras, videos and the internet so the day would not be complete without making a film....

John Teal


  1. Nice day, nice company and the sun what more can you ask for!

  2. Welcome to the club, Peter and Ruth Teal
    Looking forward to your own built model, having seen your railway stuff, I can`t wait!

    Pity you missed the Warwick show yesterday, it was a great day out


  3. Ruth was a one off day Bob as she usually plays Netball for Oldham on a Saturday, but may sail on the odd day with me in the school holidays.


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