Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More of Terry's modelling

This is a better type of Modelling don't you think, bet you didn't expect this when you saw the title did you!

As you may know I work voluntarily for the NMSI (renamed as MOSI is now part of the National Museums)

The vehicle is one which appears in the insurance advert 'Sheila's Wheels' For a particular transport event the vehicle was on loan to MOSI and by coincidence a local girl pop band were making a promo video for their record company which included the car.
The video was being filmed in the evening and I was asked to supervise the vehicle ensuring it was not damaged. 
I did not appear in the video (too old) but stayed with the girls for publicity photographs, they were a lovely group but I realised my age when one of them opened the door to help me out!
(We will believe you Terry, but did Bernadette)

The other photo is myself with B10 which I restored some years ago and is the world first axial flow compressor for a turbojet flight engine F2 ( as opposed to Whittles jet which utilised a centrifugal compressor) WU

Thanks again Terry for the article, wish more members would contribute. 

You should take modelling up professionally Terry

Thanks again Terry.

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