Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Harrogate ShowTrip

The club trip for the Harrogate Show is just round the corner!!

Its not until the 12th May?? I hear you saying, BUT don't forget Mike the social sec requires names for bums on seats, if there are not enough names then it could even have to be cancelled and you don't want that I'm sure.
Here is the entry from the club diary 
  12th May, Harrogate Model Engineering  Show,
                                        Coach Trip,                                
                          Price, Members £16, Guests £18.

You couldn't buy the petrol for this price these days!!, and its £9 to get in if you go on your own, £10 if your not an OAP.

If you can't make your mind put whether to go or not click here to see the show preview

What better way for you newer members to get to know and chat to the oldies on the way and maybe pick a few brains.
As you can see, you can bring along a non member friend, its first come first served.
So make Mike's Easter and check it out to-day and give him a ring to fill the coach, or he will be at the next club meeting so you could book then!. 


  1. A very nice informative announcement
    Well done, Duckie

    I shall be going of course



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