Friday, 16 November 2012

Eureka Moments

My mate Bob (the builder) Abell has for a few months now had a thread on Model boats magazine called Eureka Moments
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So I thought it was too good an idea not to be Abell to start one on this website, so contacted Bob for his OK before I pinched his idea and he said it was a good idea.
So this is my first one, hopefully other members will join in and then the ideas will all go into a tag at the top of the page same as the "Diary" and "For sale" sections for later additions to go into.

After carefully making up the Cod End Gantry for my Our Lass 2 over the plan in the instruction book  to make sure that it was all nice and square,! Realised its on a sloping deck!! and was sat at an angle, so I had what Mate Bob would call a Eureka moment and got out my laser  

This checks out the water line and also the vertical.

So after packing up to the red line was abell to find the amount to come off one side 

And there it is nice and square.

Then I had another Eureka moment, laser was too high on the shelf I'd attached it to!. 
Then thought would my camera tripod fit it?

And Eureka! it did.

So it all worked out a treat, so I'm going to put a few more bits and pieces on the structure to make it more sturdy looking and then its on to something else.

Hope you enjoyed this Eureka moment, in fact its buy one get two free to-day, (Water line, vertical and camera stand)
 I'm all for a good bargain!, why not send me an e-mail and share your Eureka moments  with us?.

Bye for now folks. 

This is part of a new series of Eureka Moments that can be found 
on the tab up at the top, or by clicking here

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