Friday, 21 December 2012

Waiting for Christmas.

Hi there all, hope you have got all your Christmas shopping done and survived the rush and crush at the shop's.

I personally started my Christmas treats by taking my two beautiful grand-daughters to a nice lunch at the Hartshead Pub in the hills above Ashton and very nice it was too, though I must say I'd rather have it in the Summer sat outside in the sunshine overlooking the Cheshire plains as far away as the  Joddrell Bank telescope.
That's not forgetting the great Christmas dinner the Club had at the Hare and Hounds of course, another success that was.
On the model boat scene, that's what this site is all about of course, have you read the article in Model boats magazine by our club member Bob Abell, I know he has supplied me with a few articles in the past ,but this one is well worth a read over the Christmas holidays, what a great advert for our club!.

My Eureka Moment to-day is "Shackles" made from dress fasteners.

First you have to bite the bullet and go to an Haberdashery shop and buy the dress fasteners, if you get funny looks assuring them they are for a model boat!!. 

Take one out as you can see on the left packet and turn the ends 90%

a couple of panel pins for screws

and there you have them!.
They come in all sizes for your boat scale and as you can see even this close I think they look al-right, that Clump off my Trawler "Our Lass 11" will be tidied up before painting by the way.

This was an idea I found in one of the Model Boat Magazines years ago by the way not my idea, but used it to good effect since, so if you are a new member and you've not seen it yourself that's a bonus isn't it.
Beautiful (Model) warship for sale in the "For Sale" section to-day!

That's all for now folks, see you at the Frostbite sail on the 27th ???
Will it be true what the Mayan's say and the world will end to-day 21-12 2012, what time will that be??.

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