Monday, 15 December 2014

Reflections on 2014.

Over the past year we have visited quite a few shows and events and shown the flag round the country, so that we are well known now and I think that there is no doubt where Etherow Model Boat Club is situated.
We have had a lot of publicity through the Model Boats magazine with Bob Abell's boat's that he has been building to  Paul Thomason's plan's and had thousands of views and comments there.
 Bob and Paul at Haydock Show.

The current project of Paul's plans and Bob's build.
A Gentleman's Vintage Cruiser, which Bob has called "Lady Joyce" 

Another view of Haydock Show, club stand

John, Alan and Lawrence

But there again I'm getting in front of myself firstly there was the Ellesmere Model Boat Show, where we had a small stand as it was a late cancellation  and I'm glad to see we will be having a stand there next year!.

We had a stand at Colwyn Bay Show and a very good day was had by all that attended with their boats, and met up with people which we had only perhaps contacted over the internet in the past
Gordon in the background there, but only in the picture, done an excellent job over the past year and already getting set for next year.

We had a re-visit to Lyme Park this year, not many club's have the chance to sail on the lake of a stately home, here is John Senior and George Barratt on the top lake, with his semi scratchbuilt Narra Boat, for which he received First prize in this years awards!.

Me, at the lower lake with some of the Abell boats, and very able they were too on the day.

We had a second visit to Poynton Show this year and Exhibition Secretary Gordon say's the organiser's were so please they want us back next year and with 20 tables instead of this years 10, can't be bad !.
Le Comm Alan with one of our newer members John Jones, who this year received First prize Scratchbuild trophy in his first year with us.

On the home front, we had two Quiz and Hot Pot suppers, a nice Venetian night with BBQ and the bar open as usual!.
Thanks to John Davis for his job there every club night.

Dave Lee's Lifeboat, nicely lit up, that would look very good to you in real life coming towards you in your capsized boat wouldn't it.

There were quite a few good talks given by members during the year and here is Geoff giving a talk on his magical boxes to add to your boats innards to make it perform in ways you would never imagine, nice one Geoff.

On the landing stage there was plenty going on this year with a new edging going on the front of the landing.

 Tricky bit here!

The completed job with the Hodgson Patent duck and goose deterrent, which you will have noticed is working very well and though some of the ducks are limboing under the strings the geese are staying off, result an almost duck and goose poo free deck!.

We had a new port for docking the boats added to the equipment this year thanks to Garth, complete with detailed plan for fitting on the day used 

Another addition to the equipment was a motor for the rescue boat.
Here is Dave Lee giving it it's sea trials

Towards the back end of the year we had a shipping container delivered to use as storage instead of the downstairs storage which was just an accident waiting to happen really wasn't it.
Though it's green at the moment it has to be painted Conker Brown to match the yacht one at the side of it, council rules I think, still we have had a donation of the paint and electrical equipment to install lighting from various members to which there has been thanks given in a previous post.
And No there will not be heating installed in case anyone thinks they can squat in it if their wife/partner get's fed up with the dust and muck from boat building! and throws them out.
The container has since been fitted out with shelving thanks to Alan the Comm and Mike the man, then it was like any other storage , filled and full before the end of the day.

At this point I would like to thank; Son John for his support in the upkeep of this site and Bob The Abell for his proofreading of each post, so I don't stand out as an illiterate.
Bob was un-abell to get to the Awards night so I stood in for him and said photograph me and we will change heads tomorrow, don't know if members knew what I was talking about, but you can see here.

See what I mean about it!.
Thanks to Bob and John for their support, ( I will wear it always).

We had another good event with the Club Christmas dinner held at the same venue as last year, The Hare and Hounds at Werneth Low. Another good DO and plenty of raffle prizes again.

Only the Frostbite sale on the 27th now, hopefully the lake won't be frozen over, we've been lucky the last couple of years, cold but not freezing!.

To all our members and followers.

Last event.

Saturday,   1100hrs     27th December, Frostbite Day Sail.

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  1. A very nice winding up of the clubs events throughout the year
    Well done Duckie
    Also, well done the hard working club committee

    Bob Abell


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