Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Caribbean yacht at Etherow.

Caribbean yacht at Etherow.

Last week was at the lake and there was New member Dave Lloyd with his Misses who was sailing a Joysway Micro Caribbean yacht, she said I feel a bit of a fraud sailing this small yacht, but after seeing it perform I said "no need to feel like that in fact I'm going to buy one myself"
So on the Thursday I was off to Frodsham with my lady friend Marjorie, I'm not daft, made sure it was Thursday as it's market day then and the ladies love a bargain don't they.
After a bit of a traffic jam on the M56 though the LPG tanker that caught fire the week before, repairs were in progress, has to be done doesn't it!
Got my Boat from Steve Webb's and then it was off to The Bears Paw Pub for a nice lunch and then a walk round the market where the lady friend spotted a good bargain.
No trouble getting home in a  fraction of the time taken getting there.

At the lake on Saturday there was one of the members Roy Hilton struggling with a large model, beautiful boat, but quite heavy,
Used to be a museum piece and Roy has converted it to sail with sail servo's and though there wasn't much wind at least he got a sail in!. 

A bit too heavy for me, I'm into the smaller stuff these days.
Had a sail with my Micro Magic, a kit built yacht from Graupner which goes in the car fully rigged, then it was out with my new purchase the Micro Caribbean yacht by Joysway.
even with the slight wind didn't do so well so gave it up as a bad job and called at Coniston Pool on the way home and "Bob the Water Bailiff" did the honours and provided a fan at the pool edge for a trial sail!

Here is the film of the event, still not windy enough but it was a good laugh and that's what it's all about isn't it.
Bob has included the YouTube video on Model boats magazine forum as well, he is always advertising the club there 

Well thats all for now folks.

Next Events
1900      19th  August   Wednesday                      Club 500 Racing         Landing stage

2000           26th August            Wednesday           Club house and  Landing Stage 
                                        Evening Sail and BBQ.                                                                                                                                 

              29th -30th August,    Haydock Park Model Boat Show  
Theme – “Glyn Guest Models”          Haydock Park. 
                                                Club Stand.

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