Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Resignation!, 5th July 2017.

Had an email from Al the Comm yesterday here is the email.

As and from 4/7/17, I tendered my resignation as Commodore of Etherow Model Boat Club.
Alan Breese.

I know I'm supposed to be neutral in these posts, but I can't help thinking its a step backwards for the club after all Alan's done  during his Stewardship over the past few years.
 I hope you will join me in saying a big thank you for his efforts and work in making this one of the best Clubs in the country and admired by a lot of other clubs for our membership and facilities!.
Still a suppose he has realised that you can't please everyone and there are always others who think they can do better!.
Please forgive this post if you think it's not impartial, but its quite upsetting for me!.
Not in the mood for any jokes today!.


  1. Many thanks to Al the Comm for all his efforts during his time in office

    The appreciative club members

  2. Chris P Former Commodore19 July 2017 at 14:44

    Alan has been a superb commodore. There are some in the Society that might do well reflect on the fact that Alan undertook a third year as commodore ( the normal term of service is 2 years) when no one else was prepared to step up to the plate. Criticism that Alan has faced over the "fast electrics crisis" has been without foundation & based on self interest. Questioning and defying his efforts to address the problem has meant that the opportunity to put our own house in order will probably now be taken out of our hands. We are ultimately responsible to the Council who grant the annual renewal of our water licence.

    We are fortunate that Paul has taken on the role of Commodore. I EXPECT ALL members to give him and the committee members our full support.


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