Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New year 2018.

Happy New Year to all our members and Readers.

You have seen Geoff's e-mail haven't you and sent in your renewal fees?, slightly up this year but the first time since I joined the club in 2006, which is very good in this day and age!. 

David Lee sent me these pictures of his latest project a stream engine he has built himself!, clever chap.
This is a photo of my new boiler, with engine getting it ready for new open steam launch.

More to the point he has sent it in to be published, with the number of members we have in the club I'd have hoped for a better response and had a few more to show you!.
All it requires is an e-mail with a picture and a few words of text and I will gladly publish it here.
Add it to your New Year resolutions to send in at least one contribution this year?.
Perhaps there isn't that much interest in the website any more, or is it that there are more readers than contributors out there.
The club web is only as good as its content and I'm sure people don't want it to be only my thoughts.
If there is anyone interested in taking over this site and has new idea's be my guest I will happily show them the ropes in getting started.
Have you looked in the 'For Sale' section lately, you might see something you fancy with your Christmas Money!.
Good news rarely comes in a brown envelope!.

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