Sunday, 14 November 2010

Club Trip to Warwick

Yesterday Saturday the 13th the Club laid on a coach trip to Warwick Model Boat Show, which was well attended with about 40 members.
 Bob Abell reported that a good time was had by all with a nice run,  good weather and plenty of reminiscing. 

As I'm building a Narrow Boat the pictures Bob sent me reflect that, so if anyone has other pictures from the show they want me to publish here please send me them.

Bob also reported that most of the trade stands were sold out of kits, so its going to be a busy winter modelling with hopefully some nice models appearing in the spring.
I suppose the shows are going to be better off now as most of the model shops seem to be closing down and everything going on-line, if you don't have a PC the shows are the next best thing.

Some more boat pix's just come in

Superb 6ft model 

 The fleets in about 500 strong

And last but not least Mr fix-it the organiser Mike 

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