Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Etherow model sailing

Another video for you taken yesterday at the lake, good crowd there on a nice sunny day!

Sorry about the wildlife sound , you get enough of that there don't you, not got round to adding sounds yet so will have to put up with sounds on the day from the camera.(changed since)
A bit better video this one, after some instructions off my son RJR (the railway modeller) in the blog list

Alfred Hitchcock wouldn't have worried about my birds after his Classic film "The Birds " would he!  


  1. Very impressive for your first video editing ! I have edited the sound track on Youtube to something more fitting. :) If anyone else is interested how this can be done I will happily post a "how to" on the blog

  2. For those new to YouTube, while the video is playing it will say 360p at the bottom. If you click on this, you can choose a better quality playback of 480p or a faster download poorer quality at240p. P being pixels not pennies !


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