Friday, 4 February 2011

first video

Bought a new camera on Wednesday, one that takes video's and here is my first attempt at doing it on a visit to the lake on Thursday, hopefully will get plenty of practice over the coming months.
I thought it would give people a feeling for Etherow Country Park and the Model Boat Club we have there .
Nice bright day and  not too cold.

Nice "A" Class yacht of Trevor's, Carbon fibre hull really big and a big keel weight !! Check it out against the other "J" Class yacht's in the video which are big to start with.

Don't forget the bigger the boat the heavier the weight and here is George with his weights for his large  freighter 

100lbs of lead , no wonder he had a hernia , I'm going downwards these days ie Micro Magic yacht ! stays rigged in the car just like the Fiesta's


  1. Very nice video, certainly adds that little bit more to a post, looking forward to your next "production"

  2. Award for top "Silver Surfer" is yours !
    Mastered a new camera, Windows movie maker and YouTube all in a week !!


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