Saturday, 4 June 2011

This month,Fiesta's and meetings

Don't forget its Fiesta racing to-morrow 5th June !
As the first Wednesday fell on the 1st June this month, it means that the Club meeting will also fall in this weeks calender 8th June.I know the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's confuse some members, but there you go the dates to remember for club meeting this month.

8th June talk by Terry Miles talk on Paint Technology, something most of us stumble on

22nd June social evening, 
 Phil from Hyde models will be there again, as he seemed to be a hit last time he came, if you need something specific why not check out his number in the shops section and ask him to bring it, he has said he will do this any time, so save yourself a trip to the shop and let your fingers do the walking as the old advert used to say!. 

Have you been following Bob Abell's project on Model Boats Magazine on the Great Eastern cable laying , If not why not take a look now at

This has caused quite a stir on this thread with over 3,000 views so far, quite a lot since he only started recently.
I'm sure he will be bringing it to the regatta this month, Yes its regatta time again soon comes round doesn't it and the next day its the RNLI day with people coming from everywhere for that!

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