Friday, 24 June 2011

Velda in Hospital

If you went to the club meeting this week you will have heard that secretary Velda is in hospital, so just to put you in the picture, she was taken in on a 999 call Tuesday  morning and since then has been under going tests and scans, with more scans this morning including a camera down the throat  ( have asked her to get a copy for the blog video's , Only kidding )  and then perhaps they can start the road to recovery. 
Still they have to decide what the trouble is first don't they. At the moment its a toss up between appendicitis and /or gall bladder, she is always going for the two for one option at the supermarket or pub grub, but I think she could have given that a miss in this case.
Will keep you informed.
Though I won't be able to attend the weekend events in the circumstances I hope the weather is kind to you if your going, got to be better that Glastonbury !!

Check the "For Sale " section you new members some good bargains on there!

Yes over the past few weeks we have had a few more members join the club and I know you will welcome them and help the first time builders with your expertise and advise.
Must go and get the vacuum  out and the washing done, can't let standards drop or I will be getting my legs slapped when she comes home!

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