Saturday, 13 August 2011

Warship Day

As I've stated on an earlier Blog the date of the Warship Day has been altered !!

Warship Day is now Sunday September 11th 2011
And all donations to "Help for Hero's" fund
click here for their website

Unfortunately this date clashes with Kirklees MBC, their Warship Day is the same date, but you know what they say Charity begins at home ! 

I've heard that some of our members are going to that event, why I ask myself when there are two perfectly good lakes at our own club, yes we have the use of both lakes that day,so if you haven't got a warship like me, I'm sure no one will object to see some of our other fine models on the water and the destroyers will need something to escort, that's my story  and I'm sticking to it!

We are having other military items and events on the day  ie Ford Wileys jeeps with machine guns, and before you ask kids, No you can't try them out!
There are posters being put up all round the area in supermarkets and shops , so get your Grey ships out and give them a dust and support your local Club.

Sick notes for non attendance at the next club meeting after event please,, Only joking !!!


  1. What about our regatta.....on the 4th September?


  2. That's on the 3rd Bob and I've not been given any details of events on the day to publish !


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