Saturday, 6 August 2011

Harry Poorly

Just had a message from one of the members as follows
Hi Peter 
Sorry i haven't been down to the club for some time but I've had an accident and bust my pelvis so I have been in hospital for 6 weeks,  just got home today on two sticks, hope to see you all soon, Harry.

This is Harry Bardsley, new member this year, you may have met him on the landing stage or at club meetings!

We wish you a speedy recovery Harry from all the members at the club and hope to see you on the landing stage again soon, get well card winging its way to you from the club.

On another subject, all those of you going to Southport to-day have a good time and stay sober!!
better get a move on or you might miss the coach at this time of day!

That's all folk's


  1. Had to cancel my visit to Woodvale, on the last minute!
    Our little dog Rosie had a serious series of surgical operations at the vets yesterday and was in need of TLC today


  2. Get well soon Rosie and keep Bob on his toes!


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