Monday, 12 September 2011

Bob Abell news at Ten, Help 4 Hero's Day, Etherow

Despite the weather forecast predicted doom and gloom and a hurricane, we had a very nice day.
The weather was mainly bright and sunny and the car park was full for most of the afternoon.....So it pays to come early to our special events!
The theme today was all about Warships and the "Help for Hero`s" fund and I didn`t realise the club had so many models in this category!....We had dozens!
They looked most effective when sailed in convoy

The commodore

Opening shop

Landing stage


In my haste to get into convoy with "Jeanie Deans at War" paddler, we must have hit some debris is the water and one of the paddles was damaged.
The photo shows how effective the dazzle cammo`s almost invisible!

Alan Breese brought along his fine HMS Starling

Chris Gutteridge brought along his large scale Flak 88 cannon and had great gun firing it when least expected!

We had a stand devoted to military vehicles and some of the models were built to a very high standard.
There were plenty of models to keep the visitors occupied

Martin Sutcliffe brought along his Aqua bike and Bob Abell amongst others, was talked into having a ride/sail?  Photo by George Barrett

And Andy the Commodore too

Even Pepe got into the theme with his camouflage jacket on!

 Another nice club regatta day soon passed and the day ended about 4.00.... when the weather showed signs of displeasure!

Got plenty more pix, but I think we`ve got enough?
Bob.......News at Ten......signing off

A word from Andy the Commodore.

Very nice coverage by your "Roving Reporter".   He caught the day nicely. 

We owe a big thanks to several of the members who brought along their 
magnificent models and put on a brilliant show for the visitors.   We can 
also thank those members who gave a very welcome helping hand setting up, 
and taking down,  all the stalls etc.  There was too many helping to mention 
names, but a special thanks to Mike Hodgson and Chris Guttridge who spent 
time in the days prior to the event collecting tables putting up signs and 
generally making a nuisance of themselves (as usual) to get exhibitors to 
the event.
You can put this thank you on the blog, it was certainly 



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  1. Another good report and pix's Bob, I'm sure the members who couldn't get there will be pleased to see your handy work


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