Friday, 9 September 2011

Bob Abell News at Ten, Venetian Night, Etherow

The ace reporter has done it again

Having rained all day, on and off, we were expecting a dismal attendance at the Venetian Evening tonight, but we got there to find the party in full swing and all systems go!
The slight drizzle was no problem.

Alan Higham`s Otto Dampfer was nice presented

John Goddards car transporter was the highlight of the nite!

General view of the landing stage and well supprted clubhouse

Chris and Andy did a great Jamie Oliver, sweating over a hot stove, cooking an endless supply of beefburgers!

Looking forward to this Sunday`s "Help for the Hero`s" regatta
Bob Abell
That`s all folks!

Apologies to some members, not all the pictures were worth showing!

No need for apologies Bob, a good report as usual,don't you think guys!
Will have to start paying him more, doing all these reports on my behalf!

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