Thursday, 27 October 2011

Good turn out at Etherow

It was another good turn out again at the club last night for the Quiz and Hot Pot supper.
.A few photo's for those of you who couldn't make it.

  The "Pensioners"

Bar area, not many there,others keeping their brains sharp.

Top corner, few thin patches there guys! but grass doesn't grow on busy roads does it!.

Bottom corner, the Hirst family and friend.

Committee members organising 24/7

And last but not least 
The quiz-master who did a splendid job as usual.

It was nice to see the ladies had turned out in strength and a big thank you on behalf of the committee and members to the ladies serving up the beautiful FREE hot pot,apple pie and cream.
Nice to see what your subs go to-wards isn't it.

This one came to mind.

Results to follow as I left early !

Results from Andy Glen 
  Quiz was won by the "Submariners", consisting of Alan, Eddie, and Arthur Higham with a bit of help from Martin Sutcliffe.   They took home the prize of a bottle of wine each.  
 The Wooden spoons were won by the gallant losers the "Pensioners" , led by Alan and Lawrence,  
 Best Regards

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