Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First fiesta results of 2012

Fiesta report for 4/3/2012

We had a good turnout even though it was raining hard; we had seven of us hardy soles ready for the first sail of the year.
Had ten races in all, wind a little light, but just OK, only had two drop out, with problems.

Trevor Redford 1st, Terry Miles 2nd, David Lee 3rd, Richard Hemingway 4th, John Munley 5th, Bob Dunkerley, (573) 7th.

Thanks to all that came to sail it’s a good turnout.
See you all next Month

Fiesta Sec David Lee.

Thanks for that Dave!


  1. A few pictures would be very welcome and add interest to the report


  2. I agree Bob and will bring it up with Dave, but I suppose they are all too busy trying to win, its not the winning but the taking part! don't you believe it!!


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