Monday, 5 March 2012

Club does two shows in the same weekend!

Ellesmere Show report, Reporter Ace Abell.
For some unfortuneate reason, this year, there are two model shows taking place in our area on the same weekend!
EventCity in Trafford Park and also one at Ellesmere Boat Museum!
The problem was......Which show do we go to, with Great Eastern?
No problem at all.......Ellesmere of course!......The home of model boat fanatix!
So Peter Teal and the writer sauntered down to Ellesmere Port in the jolly old campervan with little Pepe of course and GE and all the gear
Despite the show being fully booked at the time of asking, we were welcomed with open arms because of the BBC Coast and Model Boats Magazine involvement!
 We were met by two very helpful organisers, who guided us to the Show`s private car park and our nicely positioned stand in the Trade stand hall. You could be missed in one of the side buildings, but not us,right in the middle of the trade stands where everyone makes for. Couldn't ask for better and we were highly delighted!
Locked car park

Duckie explains

Ready for the crowds

Duckie the teacher

 middle of the trade stand hall.

We met lots of friends, all day, old and new and great interest was shown in the model and the BBC Coast connection
The event was well supported and the weather was lovely.

Well attended

We regretted afterwards that we didn't get set up for a sail, the weather being perfect, but we were rather short handed at the time and getting the gear up and down those stairs was not attractive!
There was plenty going on during the day......canal cruises, model docks and tugs etc, the RC lorries seem to be popular at the shows lately,
On the ferry with RC Trucks

 A large Destroyer was present. which in a few months time, will be making a Guiness Book of Records attempt.
HMS Daring 15ft long

The big stuff

It was amusing to see about a dozen tugboats waiting for the full size canal barge to come in, where they could assist in turning the barge around!......Which they did with great gusto!.....and then dashed off out of the way.
Helping out.

It was nice to be back again at the Ellesmere Model show after a few years of absence
Having a sit down for dinner in the camper cooked by Chef Abell 

The day passed very quickly and the organisers asked us to stay till Sunday, but due to other reasons, we could only manage the one day
Homeward bound, tired but happy.
Bob Abell

This is me, a great day out and hopefully someone who attended the other venue will send me a report and pix's on that, Can't be in two places at once, only had sketchy details from members who visited both shows when they came to Ellesmere.

That's all folks


  1. A very well presented blog!
    Well done Duckie
    Memories of a great day out!
    Bob Abell

  2. Its the company that counts Bob


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