Saturday, 26 May 2012

Captains Quick & Harrison

Met Colin Harrison and Andy Quick today at the lake, I've been in contact with Andy for a number of weeks and to-day was the first time we have met in person!. We all got on like a house on fire and Andy said "Have you got your camera", I usually have and as I've tried to tell my lovely grand-daughter you can miss a lot of shots with a big SLR but these days the compact camera is so good and always handy.

First a video of Andy's motor torpedo boat 

Then it was a video of Colin's "J" Class and Andy's destroyer which was on its maiden voyage so it was with a bit of in trepidation that it was put on the water, but it sailed away and handled very well, two props but only one rudder working through a mixer unit. Andy wasn't too happy with the turning circle of the boat so I think it's back to the work bench when he gets home to sort out the mixer unit and/or size of rudder 

Commodore Chris and his lady Gillian came along later, Gillian with a tug and Chris with his Submarine, didn't manage to get a video of those perhaps next time, or at the Raft races on the 4th June.
There will stil be the normal sailing on our lake so could get quite a few boats in a video then.

That's all for to-day folks, hope you like the video's.

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  1. Thanks for doing this Duckie I keep showing them off to friends trying to get someone interested in taking up the challenge of boat building


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