Friday, 25 May 2012

Latest News

The last Club Meeting saw a good attendance and the Commodore Chris gave a good talk on his latest project which he is covering on the outside with lytho plate which he said was used by the printing industry.

There was also a request from the yacht club for volunteers and helpers for the up coming
  Raft Races event on Bank Holiday Monday the 4th of June.,
 small things like making sure everyone is handed out a life jacket before going on the water, and anyone help man or woman the tea bar.

Always seem to have a bit of bad news as well don't we!, yesterday George Barrett phoned me to say he wouldn't be down to the club for a while as he was knocked off his motorbike, car going 10 mph he going 5 mph, as always the motorcyclist comes off worst don't they, more sinned against than sin, (I know I've been into motor cycling)
George sustained a broken ankle and is in a plaster cast, he is going to Stepping Hill  Hospital again to-day so they can have another look once the swelling as gone down.
I'm sure he will be glad of a chat now and then from his mates at the club and I'm sure he will be Abell to get a lift to the meetings again soon!.
On a lighter note Bob Abell sent me this picture, as we are both into photography we were just saying the other day we never see baby Mandarin Ducks and here is his picture from yesterday.

I know we don't like the duck poo on the landing stage but you have to like these and you don't see them at our end of the lake so they are not the guilty poo'ers hey.
Nice picture Bob!

So don't forget this coming Monday the 4th June Raft racing event on the big lake, our lake will still   be available for us to show the public our hobby and efforts in the model world.
Don't forget folks, every boat can be is a mine sweeper, once!
Just spoke to George and asked how he went on at the hospital. they'd phoned him this morning and told him not to go to-day and leave it until Monday morning and go to the fracture clinic then, there will be too much swelling to-day they said.
He has broken his leg at the bottom near the ankle, it seems.
The other driver as admitted liability to the Police and Georges insurance people so that's a good point!


  1. Our very best regards to Georgie Boy for a speedy recovery
    Motor cycling ishould carry a health warning, similar to packets of cigarettes!
    We were lucky to get the Mandarin picture!


  2. Your right there Bob about motor cycling, at least we had a third wheel on our Gold Wing, AND a trailer so we were a bit easier to see!.


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