Saturday, 12 January 2013

Duckie, News on the 10th, Etherow, 2013

As is unusual at the moment it wasn't raining in Thursday the 10th Jan 2013, so it was off to Etherow with Pepe to see if the Thursday crowd were there and I wasn't disappointed.
Not much of a background view looking in that direction is it!

Colin with his new scratch-built barge 

Cold but enjoying the company.
2013 Diary on the notice board in the background!.

And there to my surprise was another Aziz, the maiden voyage by Eric. That's two in the club (including mine above in the header picture) and I know there is another one in Frank's workshop at the moment should be finished for the Spring, must be popular!.

Different deck load than mine. 

Eric decided it needed some weight taking out of the stern end

As you can see there wasn't much wind for the yacht sailors, but you can't keep them off the water for long.

Garth's tug in the background waiting for a tow.

Another few tugboats to complete the set 

Commodore's Tug

So cool but dry what more can you ask for in January, Sunshine!! yes but your not going to get it so as these members make the best of what you've got.

There's one in every holiday snap isn't there!.

Not quite this bad on the day.
Duckie News at the 10th Etherow.

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  1. Love the seal`s face peeping round the corner!



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