Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Black Widow.

You should remember Terry Burnett's last build, The Beady Eye, a small but very fast boat, well he's done it again!, and here is his report on the construction of it.

The latest Jet Boat. 
The Black Widow!
 by Terry Burnett.

Specifications. Hull fibreglass (bathtub quality) does not require paint. Imported from Germany. 
Jet Drive: Kehrer Jet Pump specially developed by Thomas Kehrer of Germany. 35mm impeller.
Motor:Turnigy Aquastar. Water cooled, 2200KV
Speed Controller: Aquastar programmable. Water cooled 120amp
Battery: 3600mAh 11.1V Lipo
Water cooling exhaust pipes: Stainless steel
This is not a kit.
Commissioned at Etherow.
Power consumption (measured) at full throttle 99amps
Performance...frightening cannot open the throttle fully at Etherow as we run out of pond in 2 seconds
Stationary at full throttle: Cannot restrain, not scientific but best I can do, I may measure the thrust in the future.

 Terry Burnett

Another beautiful build Terry and many thanks for sharing the pictures and construction details with us.
That's all folk's

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