Friday, 19 April 2013


Show-boats in the title do not refer to those beautiful vessels that used to ply their trade up and down the mighty Mississippi.
No, this refer's to smaller craft though still beautiful in their own way and scale!.
I know the Haydock Park Boat Show is not until August, but as every thing these days there has to be the  usual paper work leading up to it, ie the show's insurance and legal requirements.

24th -25th August, Model Boat Convention
           Haydock Park. Club Stand.

I've been asked to bring to your notice that if you want to put your models on the club stand you need to get in touch with Vice Commodore, Alan Breese at the earliest possible date, with details of your models to be shown.

Alan will be at the next club meeting, which is on the 24th April 2013 and if you can't make this meeting for any reason, could you contact him though the club directory, if you haven't got one you can contact me and I will  give you his details.

Don't forget if you turn up on the day and you haven't been registered you will not be able to show your boat on the club stand, so act now to avoid disappointment.

As is normal at these Do's if you are an exhibitor it's usually free entry! check with Alan about that though.

This springs squatter on the landing stage garden is a Chinese Swan goose, spotted to-day.
Tried to push her off the nest to see how many eggs she had, but she just hissed at me!.

Gerr off!!.

That's all folk's  

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