Monday, 19 August 2013

Steering Sunday 18th August.

I'd forgotten this Sunday was the Steering Competition (though family commitments in the week) so the steering was well underway when I arrived.
There was the usual enthusiasm that this monthly event creates and here are a few of the contestants,

For the newer members and viewers, these boats are made for their maneuverability and size, rather than their looks, and there isn't much detail on most of them, but this month saw that a few had taken the time to make them more eye catching

This has a nice warship theme to it.

And another warship theme.
Under the table I noticed whilst editing these pix's  Alan Highams fast new boat waiting for his turn on the water.

 One of the contestants on the course, whilst this competition is in progress there are no other boats allowed on the water as you don't need great big waves washing over the course when you are navigating the tricky courses that Geoff comes up with every month.
Hope you oldies don't mind me going over this type of competition, but you have to remember there are always new members and those people that are thinking of becoming members.
One of the members waiting for the event to be over, so he could sail was Terry Burnett with his Fun boat, The Punt Gun boat, I've posted on this boat previously but as Bob Abell was there checking it out and opening all the little hatches I thought it deserved another mention.
Although its a fun boat Terry has not forgotten to add his usual attention and build expertise to this model as you can see, even has it's own carry case!.

You can see on a previous post the type of boat this was and it's use,

 in short a punt with a great big gun for shooting down wildfowl in the rushes, I know what some of you are thinking!, why didn't he make a real gun for on the boat.

The next club meeting this month 28th August is another of Phil's Kriss Kross Quizzes, so get your thinking caps on, I believe there is a prize for the winning team.
Hope someone let's me know how it goes as I will be on my holidays, thats the second one I've missed, but when you have to go on holiday it's tough but someone has to do it!. 
That's all for now folks
Ps check out the "for sale" section couple of nice kits avail-abell.

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