Friday, 23 August 2013

Yesterday at the lake. 22nd August 2013

Yesterday at the lake, there was a good turnout and the weather was kind to the sailors again.
Of note straight away to me was Alan Breeze's HMS Kite, the type of boat which I'd not seen before, there again I'm only a relatively new model boat builder so for all the other members in my category here are the details of Alan's build, which I was told by him is still an on going project  
The new model inspector!.

HMS Kite is an ANT Class Gunboat, with a Armstrong Whitworth gun
This is a Semi scratch build, says Alan.

Further research on the internet came up with these extra interesting facts on this unusual boat.
HMS Kite 1872 Royal Navy Flat Iron Gunboat
Our moulding for HMS Kite is for a 19th. Century Victorian Navy flat iron gunboat, commonly known as a "Rendel" Flat Iron. One of a class of 22 vessels of the "Ant" class, designed by Devonport Dockyard and built by 'Napiers' during 1890/1, she was commissioned in 1872 and sold out of service in 1920.

Whilst at the lake noticed that the damage done to the boathouse by vandals this month had been repaired and nicely done by Mike Hodgson to his usual high standard , I'm sure all the members will join me in a vote of thanks to Mike once again for his sterling service to the club!.

There will be a couple of visitors to the lake this weekend from the Colwyn Bay club both ex-members of Etherow so give them a good welcome, as we always get one at their club waters!.

Haydock Park show this weekend!!

Ps, Check out the "For sale" section.

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