Thursday, 8 May 2014

Last visited

The last time I visited the lake was Tuesday 6th May 2014.
There were the usual regulars in attendance with their "J" class yachts and also Le Commodore with one of his Big naval vessels, he described it as a sloop, but not being a naval man I will leave that to you more knowledge guys!, enough to say it is to Alan's usual standard with plenty of detailing on board.

There as usual is Dave's USS battleship in the background

Here are some of the notes from the exhibition Sec about the arrangements for the Lyme Park Do in June, it will soon be upon us before we know it, where did March and April go??.

You will hopefully notice that there is a tab at the top under the header that will remain there until after the event so you can refer to the arrangements without scrolling back to this post every time!.

Lyme Park Exhibition 15th. June 2014
Guidance notes

     After some discussion we are again going to be able to enjoy a day’s sailing at Lyme Park this year. This will be in conjunction with a major event at Lyme Park itself on Father’s Day the 15th. June, which they do each year. They will be staging a number of attractions and activities on the day and we will be one of them, i.e. we are there to enhance the Public’s day and make it more interesting and enjoyable for them, consequently we will have to fit in with their ideas on the subject, although in reality they are being as flexible as they can.
     Therefore it is absolutely imperative that we comply with their wishes, which I realise will make problems for some of our disabled members, but if we want to get back there then we will have to try and work round it. If this goes well they are already considering the option of another day in late September.
     We will be sailing on not one but two lakes, namely the Mill Pond Lake by the tea rooms which we used to use before, and also the Garden Reflections Lake behind the Hall. They will NOT allow any IC engines or fast speed boats, anything else is fine. We are expected to engage with the public and to be friendly and approachable at all times. Mention at the entrance that you are with our Club as an Exhibitor and parking is free.
Mill Pond Lake
     Arrive 08.30hrs, vehicles have access to the pond until 10.30hrs when they all MUST be parked in the main car park. This includes members who are blue badge holders and/or NT members. For blue badge holders an area of the main coach park will be roped off nearest to the lake. There will be a Lyme Park electric buggy available to shuttle people back and forth. It is essential that members of the public who are also blue badge holders have access to the limited parking area by the lake. The path from the timber yard to the play area must not be obstructed. We will have our Gazebo erected on the small grassy area which we used before. Launching can take place directly from the water’s edge by the path.
      Vehicles will not be allowed back by the lake until after 16.00hrs, please aim to vary the time so that all cars are not there at the same time.
Garden Reflections Lake
     Arrive 08.30hrs and drive up to the main Hall and through the gates, to the right hand corner entrance by the large wrought iron railings, a member of the garden team will open the gate. There will be a large Lyme marquee on the lawn to the right of the Hall, we have 3 tables (they will supply) for our display purposes, heavy boats can be transported down the path by car, BUT NOT ON THE GRASS. All vehicles must then be removed to the main car park by 10.30hrs. Again a buggy or minibus will be available for those who need it. Finish time/comments as other lake.
     It is around 50 yards from the marquee to the lake at the rear of the Hall across the main lawn, so either bring a ‘light weight’ boat or a trolley if you want to sail on it. The garden lake is around 5feet deep in the middle but shelves off to nothing at the gravelled edge so keep deep keeled boats for the Mill Pond. I suggest you bring a pair of ‘wellies’ anyway. For those not familiar with the Park, to get up to the Hall you have to climb a steep stepped slope from the car park once you have parked, which is about 100+ yards to their main marquee – so ensure you don’t forget anything when dropping off.
     Any queries please give me a call. 
Gordon Longworth – Exhibition Secretary     Tel:   Home 01663 810288     Mobile 07949 578297

After the sad passing of Henry Hollis if you go to the "For Sale" section you will see that Andy Wagstaff  a close friend of the family is helping the family to sell on his boats, fancy another yacht to your boatyard?.

Thats all for now, happy sailing and fair winds

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