Thursday, 30 October 2014

Container Update

Container Update

Wednesday (29th) I found Mike and Alan hard at work at the lake, fitting out the new container with shelving.
This was the situation up to me leaving them in peace to get on with the job.

You are looking at the back of the container in this view and I was told there would be more shelves on the left side. Eric helped in getting all our items up from the cellar and transferring them to the container, so a good job done by all who helped!.

Today, Thursday (30th)
The usual crowd at the landing stage 
Nice to see a family there as well.

Garth's "Amenity" coaster.

Another regular Eric's "Aziz"

And last but not least John G's very fast boat!.

Next Events 

Sunday  1100hrs     2rd  November , Judging of boats.

  8th November.
 Model Boat show. Warwick , Coach trip!
Pick up 0800hrs at Morrison's, Denton
0815hrs Wickes, Stockport.
Price £20

2000hrs  12th November    Wednesday  Club Night           Clubhouse
    Includes Judging of boats, only need to show boat one of the dates.
2000hrs  26th November    Wednesday  Club night           Clubhouse 

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