Monday, 27 October 2014

Warwick coach trip 2014

Warwick coach trip 2014.

I was told yesterday at the lake that there are still a few seats left on the coach for the Warwick trip, though Mike has had to order the entrance tickets now, so anyone wishing to go will have to pay their own entrance fee on the door!.
  8th November.
 Model Boat show. Warwick , Coach trip!
Pick up 0800hrs at Morrison's, Denton
0815hrs Wickes, Stockport.
Price £20

The club Christmas dinner this year is at the same venue as last year, the Hare & Hounds at Werneth Low and if you went last year you will remember it was a good night with good food and good company!.
Price is same as last year £20 each, that can't be bad in this day and age can it!.
Date is the 2nd of December

If you are thinking of going again this year you will need to contact Mike again and get a printed menu to choose your Starter, main meal and dessert. These are used to order the total meals and then given back to you on the night incase you've forgot what you ordered, takes me all my time to remember what I had for dinner last night!.
Closing date will be 7 days before the dinner itself , Mike has to order and pay by then, so don't miss another great club night.
Only the AGM after these so get booked in and save Mike's hair he can't afford to loose much more!.

Mike was there at the lake yesterday as I've said, measuring up the container for the wood needed to shelve it all up, and then we will see the last of the dreaded cellar stairs and humping our kit up and down them, No doubt Mike will be asking for volunteers to help with this project and I'm sure there will be the usual help forthcoming!.
Next Events

Sunday  1100hrs     2rd  November , Judging of boats.

             2000hrs  12th November    Wednesday  Club Night           Clubhouse
                Includes Judging of boats, only need to show boat one of the dates.

That's it for now Folks, so get those new builds finished off and ready for the judging.

Check out the new entry in the "For Sale" section.

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