Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ellesmere Show 2015.

Ellesmere Show 2015.

Bob Abell and myself, travelled to the show together and I think we chose the better of the two days as it was the better weather on the Saturday!.

Loading up on the Friday afternoon.

Ellesmere car park, middle couple, friends of Bob's from the Model Boat Magazine.

Our Stand.
Can you see your boat?.

Alan and Gordon on duty,

Didn't spot Bob's boat on our stand!, that's because it was in the water!, via photoshop of course!, that's the Heywood's from our club on the waters edge there, though I hadn't spotted them on the day.

There was some beautiful models in the judging room.
What a whopper,one of the Russians I believe 

It's HMS Pickle......The ship that brought the news of Trafalgar and Nelson etc, Back to London.

Other clubs present.
All excellently turned out 

 This chap is a great woodworker and his demonstration models are brilliant!.
Nice backdrop as well hey!.

Mersey ferries

The Armored Section , Based at Bury Model Boat Club.

Don't know where this one comes in in the Armored Section, more like the Amore! section, both nice models though!

Mister Plod was prowling round all day, 

Turning help

Some big stuff there.

The real thing!.

All in all a very good day out and the food was very nice though the queue was a bit long at times, still everyone enjoyed the occasion I'm sure, I think its one of the best Do's on the circuit, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!.

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