Saturday, 11 December 2010

Award winners at the AGM

Though we weren't able to make the AGM though illness in the family Dave Lee has sent me some of  the pictures from the nights proceedings, presented by the outgoing Commodore Lawrence.
There are no award categories to each picture at the moment, I think I could have a good guess from past years but I will wait until I get confirmation from Dave first ! and then put the names in later.
If you couldn't get there either at least you can see who won something.
Captions added as soon as I get them !.
Awards 2010 AGM Meeting

Alan Hayward 1st Scratchbuilt 

Andy Glen , The Derrick Bingham Trophy

Graham won the Kit semi scratch build Award with his Tug and Barge  " Malliag"

1 st Club 500 

3 th Club 500

1 st Best Kit Build

2nd club 500 

Trev Redford 1st Fiesta racing

Trevor Redford, The David Swain Trophy

Dave Lee 2nd Fiesta racing
To everyone who took part.
 They say its not the winning but the taking part, but don't you believe it !!

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