Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New season

Not much done in the way of modelling at the moment, as we are getting the system in place to start our jobs on the club committee, ie the renewal forms for the new year.
When I say We,  the Secretary and I as the Members rep are working together to formulate the system to be as smooth as possible to give the club members as much help as possible.
Please can you read the details of the renewal form and check your details before you return the cut off slip with your remittance. There have been people who have sent back their forms last year and I know they are not right, so be sure to check well this coming year 
I have noticed that there are more and more members on the web these days and we are going to send as many people their newsletters via e-mail as we can as the postage keeps going up and up as you know, so make sure your e-mail address is right.

So once again

Hope to see as many of you at the Frostbite Day as possible 

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