Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Frostbite Day report

We went to the frostbite day and though it had rained in the night the car park at Etherow was still quite icy underfoot, still due to the cold weather once we were indoors at the clubhouse we didn't venture out much again.
The event was well attended even with the bad weather and there were about 25 members with their partners so in all about 40 people.  Velda, John Davies and Mike did sterling service in the kitchen serving up the soup and bread rolls and tea, coffee and mince pies afterwards, The bar was open as well for the non drivers of course.
Whilst there I had the chance to look at some of the new items of club clothing Mike had advertised in the September newsletter and some members were wearing ie the waterproof  heavy duty jackets and found the quality to be very good see below


For a good reason – not only is the club logo embroidered onto the garment
 of your choice (in the price) but you can have your name as well for an extra 50 pence.
 Payment in advance is thus essential.
The garments are nice quality and there is a wide choice of sizes and types: Medium weight polo shirt
Heavyweight polo shirt
Long-sleeved polo shirt
Ladies polo shirt
Crew-neck sweat shirt
Full zip fleece jacket
Full zip heavyweight fleece jkt
Full zip Regatta waterproof jkt
Regatta body warmer
Men’s classic shirt
Men’s button down collar shirt
Ladies button down collar blouse
Baseball cap

 Turn-round is about 7 to 10 working days
 Order from Mike Hodgson.

 Mike also had a new item there not covered in the advert above , a woolie hat with the club name on and only £7 , sold a lot that day with the thought of more wintry weather to come I'm sure
Great for keeping your ears warm on the landing stage, unfortunately with wearing hearing aids not very practical for me!.  
Not much sailing done on the day due to thick ice , though some members did a bit of fishing !! getting the small table that's usually on the left side of the gates on the landing stage off the ice on the big lake where some idiots had broken it off its mountings and threw it.
  I must say don't try for a job in Galveston  where the targets are moving you guys.
One of the first jobs must be to replace this in the better weather ready for the spring.


  1. It would be more helpful if a photograph of these items could be displayed......preferabelly....A club member(s) modelling same?

    Bob Abell

  2. Will try to do that next time I see some one wearing one of the items mentioned Bob!.


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